I had a dream!

A lot of people (I would even venture to say “most people”) have dreams… some reachable, some unreachable. I could tell you that my ultimate dream would be to fly to the moon but, unfortunately, that is not a realistic dream for more reasons than one. Instead, I rather think of dreams as big goals and desires – things that you can achieve if you work hard at it, stay on task, and persevere.

Some people dream of their wedding, owning a big house and a nice car, or maybe buying a boat. Others dream of what they want to be or do. As a kid, I always remember thinking of one dream… to fly one day. It took all of those things that I mentioned earlier and more but, boy, was it worth it!

General aviation flying is something special that I wish more people could experience. The Oxford Dictionary defines “takeoff” as “the action of becoming airborne.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the moment when an airplane, helicopter, etc., leaves the ground and begins to fly.” Those are very factual and physics-based definitions. There is so much more to it… taking off (especially during the first solo) is something magical; it’s a feeling of enjoyment, adventure, freedom, power, empowerment, majesty, and departure from depressing world news among others.

Flying itself is also more than the physical part of it. It’s also about the wonderful people you meet, the events (fly-ins, airshow, air races, air routes…) you can participate in and attend, the destinations you visit, the 3D views you enjoy, the experiences you live and so forth. It brings some cool options and opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy it.

On a day when we remember MLK’s dream of equality, today is a good day to review and celebrate our own dreams. And, for me, today is a good day to celebrate the achievement of my dream with its main enablers – my parents. I could not think of a better way to celebrate it than to take them up flying for the weekend so I could share my dream and passion with them.

So… I had a dream that one day I would fly and it feels amazing to have achieved it. Now I’m working on my next dream because I believe in bettering yourself… looking further and challenging yourself within your limits and reach.

What’s your dream? Whatever it is, I encourage you to keep going through the fun times and the hard times. I especially encourage those of you who wish to fly and join the PIC ranks.

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Yasmina Platt serves as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's Central Southwest Regional Manager covering NM, TX, LA, OK, AR, KS, MO, NE and IA. She resides in Houston, TX and flies a Piper Archer. For regional updates and information, visit http://www.aopa.org/Advocacy/Airports-and-State-Advocacy/Central-Southwest
  • http://www.girlsinflight.org Mary Latimer

    Love it that you made your dream come true. Flying is a super power and who doesn’t want to have super powers!! Even better to share that super power with others.

  • Pearson Knolle

    I enjoyed your comments. You are so right.
    I want to inform you about an effort to change the municipal airport in Beeville TX (BEA) to a non-approved FAA facility and make the old Chase Field landing site the new facility. If this occurs, the person who is pursuing this change will increase the price of general aviation fuel. A lot of pilots purchase fuel from Mr. Tim Fitch at Municipal because he keeps his prices low to help us keep flying. This will not be the case if a change is made.
    If you desire more information you may call me at 361-813-6551.
    Thank you,
    Pearson Knolle
    AOPA #00519056

    • Yasmina Platt

      Thank you for sharing that. I am sending your information, including contact info, to our Airport Support Network (ASN) who handle those type of issues.


  • Matt Reedy

    Excellent post Yasmina, thank you! I’ve had a similar dream since I was a young boy, flying powered model airplanes with control lines. In high school I applied to the Air Force Academy, but wasn’t selected and promptly forgot about flying for many years. Later, I worked with two former military pilots who would watch me flight Microsoft Flight Simulator and say “you need to go do the real thing.” That rekindled my dream and at the age of 33 I accomplished it, receiving my private certificate. In the 20+ years since then I’ve gone on to earn instrument and multi-engine ratings through 1,300 hours as PIC and am now beginning work on my commercial license. Without dreams like these, there would be many fewer pilots in the world.