Lyn Burks

November 12, 2009 by Tim McAdams


Lyn Burks has a passion for the helicopter industry. His aviation career began in early 1991 at the age of 23. Although he was a U.S. Marine from 1985 to 1989, he is civilian trained in Robinson Helicopters. During his initial years in the industry, he worked full time for a municipal fire rescue department. In 1999 he retired as a fire captain and entered aviation full time. Burks holds an ATP/CFII helicopter with nearly 6,000 hours of flying experience and recently he semi-retired from full- time employment as a corporate pilot flying an Agusta A109E. In addition to corporate flying, he has experience in several sectors of the helicopter industry including ENG, charter, utility, instruction, and a five-year stint in EMS flying the S76C+. Burks also is a helicopter industry recruiter who has written several online EBooks and articles about helicopter careers and organizes an annual career development and networking seminar.

Lyn Burks with an A109E

Lyn Burks with an A109E

Burks’ Web site,, has become an industry icon. The site was created in 1998 by retired helicopter pilot Bill Kellogg as a small free access Web information center and a place for people interested in helicopters to exchange ideas. In 2001 Burks took over the Web site and has expanded it into a leading online resource for the helicopter industry. He is also the owner and developer of another popular helicopter Web site, hosts and administers two forums. The original one does not require a login and is very loosely moderated; nevertheless, professional courtesy is strongly suggested. However, beware that the discussions can sometimes be very heated and some of the posts are can get very critical of others. Although there are rules, rumors and gossip show up frequently. It can be very entertaining at times, however if you post something even a little controversial you should be thick skinned as some of the responses can be harsh.


The second forum requires a login, username, and password. As such, the topics and posts are much more professional and technical in nature. According to Burks, it is more suited for first-time users.


Burks recently expanded his network in two new directions with different media content. The first is the addition of Justhelicopters.TV, which is a Web site dedicated to helicopter industry related video content. The second is a media partnership with Rotorcraft Professional magazine, which is a popular helicopter industry trade journal. Burks says, “From print to Web to video, our goal is to offer something to everyone who enjoys and works in the world of helicopters.” is an ongoing project and has remained a free access site. The site contains a comprehensive list of helicopter resources, including articles, photo galleries, job postings, operator directories, flight schools, and salary information. Burks is continually adding and updating content and relies upon input from the helicopter community to keep the information current and pertinent.


You can visit the site at


  • Joe

    This is the first Hover Power installment that I find to be totally useless. The rest of your posts are
    informative and enlightening. Not so with this one, in my opinion.
    I see no point whatsoever in this article, other than free advertising for Lynn Burkes.

  • Bastian

    I completely agree Joe.

  • Tim McAdams

    Joe and Bastian,

    Thanks for being readers and providing your comments. However, I am sorry you feel that way. I think anyone who has met Lyn would tell you that he goes out of his way to help people get interested in helicopters and tries to help pilots further their career. His website provides a wealth of information on the helicopter industry (some informative, some for fun) that I think AOPA readers might find interesting and helpful. He is really trying to have a positive and professional impact on the industry. I believe this type of effort and person deserves some recognition.

    Having said that, I understand his website might not be for everyone and, as such, I completely respect your opinions. Please keep the comments coming (positive or negative) as I fully appreciate and encourage the feedback.

  • Joe

    Thank you for the reply.
    As I stated in my first post, I don’t see any relevance in Burke’s various websites with
    the informative rotorcrfat blog posts that you have brought to us, (until now).
    If you want to witness the Internet at it’s worst, i.e. people get cursed out and called every
    name in the book, go to Burke’s absurd forum on Just helicopters that is known as the “The
    Original”. There is absolutely no purpose whatsoever in allowing that ridiculous forum to exist
    and it only serves to demean helicopter pilots who aren’t as idiotic as the average poster in that forum.
    And as for the “Alternate” forum, it is filled with chronic posters who overreach in imparting their “expertise”
    to the so-called beginners and newbies there.
    I personally witnessed Burkes kick a poster out of the “Alternate” only because the poster’s opions ran against
    the grain with those of the chronic posters who support aka litter that forum with their version of “flying facts”.
    If you are running out of topics to write about, just open a helicopter POH and throw a dart. Anything would be
    more constructive than your last blog. Thank you.
    If Burke didn’t pay you for your blog post devoted to him, he should. It was superfluously lavish praise, IMO.

  • Scott

    When Joe says he personally saw a poster kicked out of the “Alternate”, I wonder if it was him who was kicked out. IMO, JustHelicopters is a pretty cool site with some good links. Keep up the good work with all the positive info you are putting out there.

    Some of us do appreciate new stuff.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been reading Lyn’s websites for years… The good the bad and the ugly!!! I think Lyn does great things for the industry. Personally, I would like to see Lyn (or someone of his calendar) become more involved with AOPA so that us as helicopter (recreational or professional) have more of a voice. How about it Lyn, would you mind becoming the “Helicopter Czar” for AOPA!! Keep up the good work Lyn and Tim!

  • Andrew

    whoops… mean to say “caliber” instead of “calendar”…

  • Joe

    Dear Scott,
    No, it wasn’t me who got kicked out. But your biting attitude PRECISELY reflects
    just the very posters I described in my last post. You then go on to admit that you think
    Just Helicopters’ Curse Us Out forum is “cool’.
    I’m sure you do…

    Thank you for chiming in to add absolutely nothing to this discussion and for
    demonstrating firsthand the lowbrow attitude that permeates Just helicopters forums.
    I rest my case.

  • Barry Pomeroy

    Hello, and thank you for inclusion of this new Helicopter option to the usual fixed wing dominate industry. I started fulfilling a life long dream of flying both airplanes and helicopters in 2002. In 2005 I completed my RW Commercial and CFI rating. I joined every aviation association I could, to learn about the industries and what my generation could do to participate. I began going to the Heli EXPOs and meeting people. What I found was that most people were generally interested in helping the industry grow, and some were very helpful for a new guy. Lynn Burkes was where I wanted to be, myself. He took time to speak with me, not about himself, but about where the undustry was, where it was headed, and how I had a multitude of options.

    I have enjoyed looking at his web site, and I have used it repeatedly, although not recently. I appreciate AOPA providing basic information for other new helicopter pilots, or pilots in the fixed wing industry. It is critical that more helicopter pilots advance their knowledge of the industry and participate in the public and personal activities that will help it grow and survive the recent recession.

  • Bill W

    The “loose” forum on JH serves no purpose except to feed the egos of a few. I have two friends whose careers were damaged because of accusations made on this forum without facts. If Lyn was a true professional in the industry he would shut down that aspect of JH and focus on positive issues in the industry and factual stories and discussion. I will not visit again or support any advertisers of this site. And, no, I was not one of the people harmed.

  • Joe

    Burkes will never remove the Curse Us Out forum on Just helicopters since
    it’s very existence probably gets him more ad revenue. It’s a joke and a bad
    one at that.

  • Rhonda

    Its kind of funny how some of these posts are borderline in appropriate (not so nice), talking about someone who lets people post sometimes inappropriate (not so nice) comments on one of his forums. I do not go to JH, but I do go to Vertical Reference (and other forums) and I like it. VR has helped me acquire information, clarity on some issues that I could not understand on my own. Its ok not to agree or enjoy every forum option available…that is the wonder of options and decisions. We have options to go to websites we like, we also can make adult decisions not to go to forums we dont agree/or like. If people choose not to go to a forum/website..that site will eventually fizzle and shut down. If it has some good qualities, or if it has room for improvement, it may improve and become a better site. I do not know Mr. Burk, I am sure he is an ok fella and has helped quite a few people come closer to reaching their dreams. The article about Mr. Burk is a good article. All of the articles on this site have been good..its nice to do a piece on a person once in awhile, it gives some of us a sense of connection to people we dont know, who are helping the Rotorcraft community.

  • Ehud Gavron

    I don’t know Mr. Burke. I read every helicopter-related article and forum I find.

    I’ve found the helicopter community to be tight-knit, close, and very supportive.

    This thread is the most unsupportive and destructive I’ve found.

    Not everybody is cut out to be a teacher, a leader, or a forum sponsor. If the guy is a positive force for the Helicopter pilot workforce… that’s good in my book.


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