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Safe and snug at Sun ‘n Fun

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The Claw1With all of the excitement surrounding the Fun to Fly Road and Runway Rally to Sun’n’Fun last week, Team Orville took off without tiedowns or chocks. That was fine for the road trip–the Remos stayed at airports with hangars. On the ground at Sun ‘n Fun, however, we needed something to keep the airplane in place while Florida’s breezes blew through Lakeland.

Like guardian angels, the good folks at The Claw popped over as Alyssa Miller and the staff ofThe Claw2 AOPA’s Pilot Information Center were positioning the airplane in front of the Big Yellow Tent. Jim Edwards presented us with our very own Claw tiedown kit, and helped Alyssa secure the airplane. The sandy ground can be tough to hold a peg, but The Claw proved more than up to the challenge. The kit includes three anchors, nine spikes, a hammer, and 30 feet of rope, and it all comes in a handy little carry bag that weighs just eight pounds (so no excuses to leave it behind next time). We’ll carry the kit to every other venue we visit, and later this year turn it over to the new owner of the Remos, whomever that may be.