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Michael Combs has friends all over

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Pilots are, for the most part, friendly people who care about each other–even pilots they’ve never met. Case in point: Michael Combs (“The Longest Cross-Country,” April 2010 AOPA Pilot). Since I wrote about Michael’s plan to fly in or to all 50 states in a Remos GX light sport aircraft, Pilot readers have contacted me with some amazingly generous offers for Michael:

  • A brand-new instrument pilot has offered to pay for some weather planning sessions with an expert. “Nothing will improve his trip more than better weather info.”
  • EAA Chapter 38 at Warner Robins Airport in central Georgia would like to host Michael with a special event and hangar space for his Remos.
  • The Syracuse Flying Club is there for Michael when he gets to central New York.

I’ve forwarded every message I receive to Michael. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can follow his progress on Twitter, at the Flight for the Human Spirit Web site, and on Facebook. We’ll also be tracking Michael’s trek on AOPA Online when he launches in April.