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Eclipse production to be aided by Sikorsky

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Somehow I missed a few things in the announcement last year that Sikorsky has become a partner with Eclipse. I took that to mean Sikorsky, where company President Jeffrey P. Pino is also an Eclipse owner, is one heck of a cheerleader. Sure, they sent some money along, but mostly they would lend expertise, a worldwide parts supply network, and advice. Now that I have heard Pino speak about Eclipse at the Helicopter Association International convention in Orlando today, I have a different impression. When the economy is right, there will definitely be a resumption of Eclipse production, and that’s not necessarily news. But here is the new angle. Sikorsky will be the contractor to build the jet. It may simply direct things at the Eclipse Aerospace facility in Albuquerque, or it may also use Sikorsky facilities somewhere in the country. There may be an indication by the end of the year that the economy is on the mend, and that would mean a go-ahead for the Eclipse. Where did I get that impression? Pino mentioned, in response to a question, that the Eclipse could give Sikorsky a “chance to do something besides vertical lift.” Looking at it from a big company’s perspective, when you buy into Eclipse production, you are gaining that advantage of $700 million to $1.4 billion in effort and research and development that has already occurred in the past. That’s my reasoning, and why I will be monitoring Eclipse Aerospace very carefully in 2011.