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December 21, 2012 by Benét Wilson

Don’t steal. Mexican police officers at the scene of an aircraft accident where singer Jenni Rivera died are being accused of stealing personal items from the site, reports the Los Angeles Times.

If only it could still fly too. Jeff Bloch, a police officer and race car driver, is working on an unusual project–he is merging a 1956 Cessna 310 with a 1987 Toyota Van Wagon–all on a $500 budget, reports Flying magazine. In the planned design, the car will keep 20 inches of wing on each side of the “car” to serve as front fenders.

Size does matter. A Bell 412 helicopter helped UAE celebrate United Arab Emirates National Day by towing the world’s largest banner–a 4,600-square-meter UAE flag–along the coast, reports Aviation International News.  The flag could be seen from 20 km away.

Bears as test pilots? Who knew?  The IO9 blog reports that during the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force used bears as test pilots in the B-58 Hustler, which was the world’s first supersonic jet bomber. Live bears were sedated, strapped into the plane’s capsules and ejected at different speeds and altitudes. No bears were killed during testing.

We’ll end the week with a post from Flying magazine that includes video of passenger aircraft trying to take off and land at Spain’s Bilbao Airport in gusty crosswinds. Enjoy!!

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