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China came to learn from Oshkosh, not buy it

August 1, 2012 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

China’s participation in EAA AirVenture this year was largely under-reported. They rented one of the $40,000 chalets on the flight line where they briefed American officials and reporters on what their country is doing to improve general aviation and other infrastructure. I made a visit, although I could not attend the briefing, and found a nice group of people eager to learn and to explain their culture. Serving as guide to Chinese officials was Francis Chao, managing director and publisher of China Civil Aviation Report who also operates a “virtual office” in California that informs American businesses about China. Both of his efforts are located in Pittsburg, California (which explains the spelling of the city name). Chao seems to get it–he understands both the American and China perspectives, and was a great supporter of the China visit to Oshkosh. Chinese officials at first wondered why they needed to go to Oshkosh when so many U.S. aviation companies are already traveling to China to seek new markets and joint ventures. Chao felt that Chinese officials needed to see Oshkosh where new, old, and future aerospace are all in one place–and in perspective. Many Americans

China Chalet at EAA AirVenture

are concerned that China is buying every American airplane company in sight, but as airshow star Michael Goulian pointed out to me minutes after I left the China chalet, general aviation needs Chinese money to survive.

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9 Responses to “China came to learn from Oshkosh, not buy it”

  1. S Rust Says:

    I dont beleive China at all. The entire countrys existence is a PR game while they go around behind your back trying to steal every bit of technology they can get there hands on, & build a military to thwart the plans of any capitalist country. China is the only major country that still has Nazi style concentration camps, & has 7 million people in them. I wont buy a Cirrus Aircraft, or a Continental Engine because I am anti Communistm, & every dime of money they get; they just turn around & use against the USA!!!

  2. terry Says:

    I enjoyed you site and hope relations between all countries continue to get better, China seems to be making a real effort in this respect and I applaud her.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Not very long ago the company I worked for as a cnc. machinist lost I think it was about 6 or 8 pieces that we had machined for quite some time for a US company to china. After about 18 months we got a call from the US company asking what it would cost to have the parts that were machined in china re-machined to bring them back into scec. so that they would not have to be scraped. Over time I have herd more and more stories like this. It makes you wonder if the Chinese manufacturing ability’s are up to US standards. I would hate to find out by having the reputations of US. companies and there workers destroyed. To say nothing of having the GA. community suffer loss of life and reputation with the FAA. as a safe entity. The GA. community has just started to get some head way with the FAA with the passing of the pilots rights bill and the overwhelming support for the third class medical exemption. I would hate to have it all thrown away and the FAA have to (in there eyes) come crashing down on the GA. community in the name of safety and reliability.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Apparently the AOPA editorial staff is the latest of China’s aviation-related purchases. :-)

  5. Joe Says:

    General aviation needs ** Chinese ** money to survive? This would be a very sad state of affairs indeed. Aside from that however, that statement does not address the original question asked, which was about China buying American airplane companies and the consequences for the future. Michael Goulian talked around the issue.

  6. Jeff Says:

    China is not and never will be a friend or ally to the USA or any of it’s companies. You are fooling yourself if you think China is at Oshkosh to befriend anyone there. They are there to see what can be copied or stolen for China. We have gotten ourselves in such a sad state of affairs in this country that we are now at the mercy of any country with the funds to buy us out. This will be the demise of this country that not even our military can protect us from. Think hostile takeover and we will all be learning a new language pretty soon. AOPA editors and staff must sugarcoat the reality so as to not create panic, but the writing is on the wall. We make nothing in this country anymore and when we do, we won’t even support our own by patronizing their business all in the name of cheap labor abroad. We my friends are cooked or should I say, steamed like rice!

  7. John Says:

    From professional experience I agree with most of the comments here that China says what they know you want to hear and in realitydo the opposite! The only purpose of all their purchases in Aerospace/Aviation is to gain access to the knowlege and step right into manufacturing capabilties in a short time without having to go through the learning curve. It will eventually hurt us because China will “do it cheaper” and the controlling board members (equity managers) whose only focus is short term profit, will shut down the US operations. Our GA and experimental avionics are probably more sophiticated than their miltiary equipment……..although they probably stole our top of the line stuff via spies and previous adminstrations selling it to them. Our local flight school is training 50 to 100 Chinese students in both fixed and rotary wing, I hope they don’t end up being in the Chinese military!!!!!!!

  8. Lawerence Says:

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    to let you know. The layout look great though!

    Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Many thanks

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