An Eye on 2021: Wings and Wheels

As the flying season closes for a lot of the country, and the promise of a COVID vaccine on the horizon, I ask you to consider what your airport can do to encourage visitors to come to your home ‘drome.  Hopefully in 2021 we will fly more frequently for pleasure, business, recreation and charitable purposes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if after the wings are done flying we had some wheels to get us to a nice restaurant for lunch, or to our hotel or nearby scenic attraction?  My hope is that after reading my little blog a couple dozen of you might add to the list of airports that have bicycles available for pilots flying in.

At L52 Oceano Airport in California we are one of the closest public airports to the Pacific Ocean. Long ago bikes were available for guests.  They were painted orange and said “Oceano Airport.”  They were leaned up against the fence and folks would take them and ride to Pismo Beach for some clam chowder or a walk on the pier.  I was told that if any of the bikes were found in town abandoned, someone would throw them in a truck and bring them back to the airport.   Fast-forward to 2010.  Friends of Oceano Airport in conjunction with an airport-based business Empirical Systems Aerospace brought back the Fly ‘n Ride, only this time contained in a Rubbermaid shed that is locked to keep children from accessing without parent supervision. The bikes have combination locks, and there are helmets and a tire pump in the shed.  Our Fly ‘n Ride works on a donation basis.  Folks are pretty generous, dropping a few bucks in the bucket, which allows us to buy tubes and tires as needed.  We have a liability waiver that we ask folks to sign.  Although it was years ago, I distinctly remember the conversation with the risk management lawyer of San Luis Obispo County.  Initially she wanted us to insure the bikes, in case someone was injured or even died.  I asked her, “If your friend loaned you a bike and you fell off and broke your ankle, would you sue your friend?”  She said, “Yes” and I said, “Then you do not understand the culture of General Aviation and G.A. Airports.  When we fly to some airports and you need a ride into town someone will throw you keys to the courtesy car, with no questions asked.”  We compromised with the waiver.  It basically says if you fall down, you are in charge of getting your own Bactine.

Our local University and Sheriff department collect hundreds of bicycles every year that are abandoned, recovered or impounded.  Initially we applied for several of those bikes, which were free. For our purposes however a multi-gear bike with hand brakes was way too much maintenance for a beach-side airport.  Now we have three or four beach cruisers for our airport guests.  Yes, I call them guests.  I think we should all treat folks who fly into our airports as guests.  Make them feel welcome, speak to them, offer a ride to town.  Better yet, why not set up a Fly ’n Ride at your home airport.  It really doesn’t cost much, and it will increase not only traffic to your local businesses but will increase your airport’s goodwill factor.  Below is a table of the airports that I know about around the country that have bikes available.  If your airport has them and is not on the list, please take a moment to put the details including identifier, name/state and any notes in the comments section.

I grew up in the right or back seat of a Bellanca then a Mooney. While the bikes wouldn’t have worked for a family of four necessarily it would have been something fun to do while waiting for my Dad to do the pre-flight or fuel up.  We can all do something at our airports to make it more welcoming to our guests.  If you come into L52 Oceano California, make sure to grab a bike head left out of the airport and make your first left on Pier, a few blocks down is one of the prettiest beaches in the world, our little slice of paradise. Cheers to a healthier, more connected 2021!

Jolie Lucas makes her home on the Central Coast of CA with her mini-Golden, Mooney. Jolie is a Mooney owner, licensed psychotherapist, and commercial pilot. Jolie is a nationally-known aviation presenter and aviation writer. Jolie is the Region 4 Vice President of the California Pilots Association. She is the 2010 AOPA Joseph Crotti Award recipient for GA Advocacy. Email: [email protected] Web: Twitter: Mooney4Me


  1. Steinbach, Manitoba in Canada (CJB3) has bikes available last I heard when I flew in a couple years ago, and a car rental available through the local car dealership across the road.

  2. We here at Lincoln, Montana have bikes available at our airport S69.

  3. Lincoln Airport S69 at Lincoln MT has a bike shed with four adult bikes and one child bike plus helmets and tire pump. The bikes are maintained, and it is only one mile to town. There is also a pilot campground with an airplane tiedown area on the Blackfoot River. It’s a beautiful airport with many visitor attractions nearby.

  4. Bethel ME (0B1) has bikes with locks at no charge. A great BBQ shack ( is a short (8 min) ride a way (in season)

  5. We were really impressed with the bikes at L54 and grateful too. We stayed one or two nights at the on airport campground also. Good times. Thank you L54.

  6. The awesome FBO at KSEZ in beautiful Sedona, AZ has (or used to have) loaner bikes.

  7. KGWS, Glenwood Springs, Co has bikes, great trails, and easy access to great food, shopping, and hot springs. Park at city FBO midfield, east side of runway.

  8. Im very much impressed with the bikes at L54 and grateful too. I stayed three hours at the on-airport campground also. Good times. Thank you L54.

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