Camaraderie blossomed among the racers last night as we celebrated our arrivals in Santa Fe on the party deck of the lovely Drury Hotel. Today, though, we are back to business. Aircraft inspections run all morning in race number sequence, and later we receive our race scores. Although we did receive a race score report each night summarizing our flight legs for the day, it did not include penalties for any flight deviations or fly-by mistakes. We Angels are not expecting any, but we will see. The judges go to great lengths to insure equity and fairness, and the race is run with very high standards and strict rules. We can voice our questions when we meet with them at our scheduled appointment this afternoon, and also at the first-time racer debrief.

Santa Fe, itself, is a pleasant surprise for us. Art flourishes in all forms: sculpture, paintings, jewelry, hand-made baskets and other handiwork. Friendly people, excellent food, clear skies and 80 degrees; it’s a haven for all of us needing a recharge.