Hale County Airport (PVW) sits at 3,374 feet msl. By the time we approached, the outside air temperature was 99 degrees and the density altitude, 6,500. Eagle Eye Wivell was busy running numbers in the back seat deciding whether we needed the longer runway, while we held our Skylane steady at our stealth altitude. The airport was easy to spot with its beautiful repaved runways. Radio Queen (that’s me) made the fly-by calls for runway 31, 4,000 feet long. However, the winds favored runway 22 with 5,997 feet; much better for a potential long float. It was a good exercise, but we needn’t have worried; Captain Luz, aka Crosswind Mama, set us down in the first quarter of the runway because she’s just that good.

We felt like celebrities when  Pete Laney, former Speaker of the House in Texas greeted us with a warm Texas welcome! And then none other than Dianna Stanger flew in with her gorgeous L-139 jet warbird. Dianna is the Safety Officer on the Air Race Classic Executive Board. She and her team, The Flying Aces, have won the Air Race Classic twice, in 2012 and 2014 flying a Cirrus SR22, and she turned the $5,000 winnings into scholarships for women to pursue careers in an aviation-related field. Texas! Big-hearted hospitality! Thanks, PVW.