We launched from Bemidji this morning and found a sweet spot. Smooth air, cool temperatures, and a steady tailwind were a celebrated¬†change of events! We landed at Spencer without a hitch to another warm Iowa welcome, complete with plenty of snacks, baked goods, and prizes donated by local businesses. These wonderful FBOs and fellow aviators supporting us make this race so much fun. So, after enjoying a leisurely break, now what? Do we stay or do we continue? We are watching the big weather picture, from Tropical Storm Cindy in the Gulf to the local passing thunderstorms, and debating on the best strategy as we move south toward Oklahoma, then west to Texas and on to Santa Fe where the race ends. The racers are spread out along the route; many stayed in Indianapolis last night because of thunderstorms along the route, some pushed to Decorah, a few of us pushed further to Bemidji, and a handful of fast overachievers made it all the way to Spencer. Remember, we are not really racing against each other; we are racing to beat our own aircraft’s best performance. You can follow the racers on the Air Race Classic map at this link: https://airraceclassic2017.maprogress.com.