We are drinking from a fire hose, folks. Five briefings this morning left me numb and very glad I’d taken good notes. Briefings included both start and terminus details, route briefings, weather overview, first time racer briefing, and a safety briefing. As far as weather, that high pressure system that’s been marching East should give us a sunny takeoff. Unfortunately, it was preceded by a raging storm front this afternoon, and we were all relieved the forecast possibility of hail never materialized. All fifty racing airplanes tied down at Frederick Municipal Airport got a good washing, but nothing more.

So, here we are, three AOPAngels holed up with our iPads at a secret location, checking weather and wind, planning routes and fuel stops. How far can we go tomorrow? How far do we want to go? What’s the forecast for the middle of the country later in the week? All important things to weigh as we plan our strategies. And let’s not forget the two most important things: Have fun. Remember the cookies.