“Wings out, now, like this,” Dee Bond demonstrated at the end of the masking tape runway, spreading her arms wide for young Abby. “Now, let’s ask Tower for clearance to take off.” Hannah Burright, playing air traffic controller, cleared them and they jogged down the 12-foot runway, banking right for crosswind, then downwind. “Now, ask tower if we can land,” Dee whispered. “Cleared to land,” Hannah obliged and Abby slid on her knees, setting down smoothly on the centerline behind Dee. Onlookers applauded and other kids lined up for turns. This community event for youth, held today at AOPA’s National Aviation Community Center in Frederick, MD, gave Air Race Classic racers a chance to meet kids and families in the community who are interested in aviation. Dee flew in for the race all the way from Pukekohe, New Zealand, and this is her seventh race. Hannah is from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott, AZ campus and is here for her second race. These ladies and many other racers and volunteers spent the afternoon talking with children about flying, autographing their ARC programs, and sharing much excitement about the upcoming race. In the midst of the fun, we were joined by Ariel Tweto, of the TV show, “Flying Wild Alaska,” who arrived about 2:00. She’s one of us for the week, teaming up with Mary Wunder of Collegeville, PA. Mary’s a veteran racer, gearing up for her 10th race. Here’s to flying wild, ladies, though we’re keeping it in the Lower 48 for now!