Helicopter maneuvers manual

I recently had the opportunity to read a new book on helicopter maneuvers by author Ryan Dale. The book is titled Helicopter Maneuvers Manual and he wrote it to give students more resources for understanding how to perform required helicopter maneuvers. I liked the full color illustrations he used to help students visualize what the maneuvers should look like. Although, all the drawings use the Robinson R22 (probably because it is still the most popular basic training helicopter) the information is applicable to other models as well.

Each maneuver or task is organized into 6 chapters:

1)      Ground Operations

2)      Basic Maneuvers

3)      Airport Operations

4)      Performance Operations

5)      Off-Airport Operations

6)      Emergency Operations

Each chapter contains the appropriate maneuvers with one or more color illustrations. I also liked the way it is organized with each maneuver or task having a clearly defined purpose followed by a detailed description with references to points on the illustrations. Also included is a section on common errors, tips and a reference to the Private and Commercial PTS. The appendix contains a Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor checklist of maneuvers from the associated PTS.

For new students this book is worth reading, and one of the better sources for getting a clear understanding of all the maneuvers required for helicopter flying.

Ryan Dale holds both a helicopter and airplane instructor ratings and works for a regional flight training company. He also wrote the Helicopter Oral Exam Guide. His books are available from ASA at

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  1. Hey Tim

    Haven’t read the book, but seems to share a lot in common with the FAAs excellent Rotorcraft Flying Handbook, especially the chapter layouts and “common errors” section. Admittedly the handbook editorial style and graphics could use a bit of updating, but the material is as applicable as it has ever been.

    How would you compare the two?

  2. Tim:
    Thanks alot, I need all the help I can get, sometimes one thing makes all the difference.

  3. Check out the new Helicopter Flying Manual on the FAA Website. It does not go official until November but is available in PDF form for now….A few errors but hopefully they will be fixed before printing

  4. Thank you for this.It is good to have some extra manuals for referrals.

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