Bid on Citation Jet Type Rating

By way of background information, the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association (MBAA) collaborates with AOPA on a number of legislative aviation issues. The Association is described as a not-for-profit association founded to promote and advocate for business and general aviation interests within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The MBAA addresses and responds to the full range of issues impacting the business and general aviation community within Massachusetts including safety, security, operational effectiveness, community and government relations, and environmental concerns.

There members include some of the largest corporations and employers in Massachusetts. Individual aircraft owners throughout Massachusetts who fly for both business and personal reasons are also members of the association.

In an effort to support the career development and training for student pilots and aircraft mechanics, the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association (MBAA) is auctioning off an Initial Citation Jet Type Rating valued at $17,000, to raise money for MBAA’s scholarship fund. The type rating was generously donated by CAE Simuflite, and the auction is open on eBay until September 15, 2012. The following is a link for anyone interested in bidding.

Since the purpose of this auction is to generate revenue to support training for student pilots, this is an event that we can all get behind.

Craig Dotlo, Eastern Regional Manager – AOPA