Seaplane Training in Central Southwest Region

Interested in flying seaplanes? Interested in getting your SES or MES designation? You are already a seaplane pilot but want to get current? Well, you can do it within the Central Southwest Region. Here is a listing of training providers:

- Oklahoma:

- Texas:

  • Lakeway Seaplanes in Austin. Contacct Robert White at (512) 914-6682 or via e-mail at
  • Texas Bush Pilots in Spring (north of Houston). Contact Terry Sonday at (281) 467-4348 or via e-mail at

- Missouri:

  • Jones Brothers & Company Air & Seaplane Adventures. Rob Galloway has started a summer seaplane training program using a Cessna 180 out of Coconuts Restaurant in the Lake of the Ozarks. An FAA-designated examiner comes from Arkansas to conduct the checkrides. and (573) 434-0284.

Safe skies and calm waters!

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