Last week, AOPA joined with the Tennessee Aviation Association and Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame and together we put on TENNESSEE AVIATION DAY ON THE HILL at Legislative Plaza in Nashville.

Getting exhibits set up and providing a Continental Breakfast for Legislators and Staffers by 7:00 AM started for me at about 4:30 in the morning. As the State Capitol began to come alive for the day’s business, we got into full-swing serving biscuits & sausage, coffee, fruit and juice and talking about General Aviation! Jo Ann Speer, the President of the Tennessee Aviation Association brought hundreds of little balsa airplanes with the TAA logo on them and they were a real big hit. TAA’s entire Board of Directors were there as was TAHF Chairman, John  Black. We had the best location possible, right outside the entrance to the Lt. Governor’s office.

Wednesday morning at the Capitol, a first ever event for TAA and the TAHF, was a great day. I spend a lot of time in the halls of the Legislature for AOPA so I knew most of our visitors personally. Tennessee has a long history of legislative support for aviation and that was strongly re-enforced by the reception we all got from both Legislators and Staff. It is such a pleasure working with governmental leaders that “get it”, as we say! Of course, we managed to work in some lobbying on a few issues of interest as well.

These types of aviation events, focused on State Capitols are productive and important. In the every-changing halls of democratic government we should never stop doing these things. The Tennessee event was my second one this month. I also participated in one in Atlanta on February 6th. It too was very successful.

  • Steven Oxman

    Bob Minter: This is fantastic work, my hat is off to you sir. Steven Oxman