Addison, TX Mayor Meier Writes to Pres. Obama

Addison, TX’s Mayor Todd Meier has recently sent a letter to President Obama expressing his concern over the President’s repeated negative remarks regarding general aviation as well as his opposition to the proposed $100 per segment user fee. For a copy of his letter, click here: Addison Mayor Meier letter to President 2013-01-04

Mayor Meier joins more than 115 Mayors across the country who have sent letters to the President explaining the critical importance of GA to local towns and communities. FMI and for a listing of these Mayors:

I encourage you to invite your Mayor to do the same.

6 thoughts on “Addison, TX Mayor Meier Writes to Pres. Obama

  1. It’s All About “Goverment ” Controll , Money ! & Mother May I ?
    American Sheep ?
    He Who Forget’s the Past Has NO Future !

    Native American / 3rd Generation Pilot
    Captain Fig Newton

  2. Thank you Mr. Meier for your well written letter to our Chief Politician. It is very refreshing, Mr. Meier, to see we still have honest politicians (you) looking out for our individual rights and freedoms instead of how to “feather” ones own nest, as is the case with most politicians in government today. Again, thank you.

  3. President Obama should be free to criticize General Aviation…provided he forgoes use of Air Force One and Marine One. And, OBTW, they have restarted the procurement of a new Marine One…$1.8B (yep, Billion) for the first six (of 24) helos.

  4. If President Obama would spend more time at his desk instead of opening his mouth on this “daily” television speeches, maybe he would get more done.

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