While attending the Georgia Airports Conference in late October, I spent an absolutely great afternoon at Harris County Airport (PIM) in Pine Mountain with AOPA’s ASNV, Greg Hadley and a half-dozen local pilots, all AOPA members. With a lot of help from Greg Hadley, AOPA and others were successful in saving this airport from closure only a few years ago. Some questioned the energy and effort required to accomplish that and I wish they could see this airport now. There are based airplanes where there were none; a pristine, beautifully maintained runway and ramps, new T-hangars (with a waiting list for more); a rejuvenated, charming little Terminal Building; self-fueling and reasonable fuel prices… topped by a bunch of Southern hospitality, welcoming hand-shakes and smiles that really make you feel at welcomed. While I was there one local pilot popped in the door fresh from his check-ride with a brand new Commercial Certificate in his hand and a local contractor was there for another flight lesson, looking forward to joining his partner and brother as a new pilot soon. This is such an inspiring story and place. I remember when it was not… I didn’t want to leave. Shared stories and experiences, a Cessna 150 doing touch-n-go landings with a new student in a Fall setting at this marvelous rural, resort area airport that makes flying and being a GA pilot fun, like it ought to be. There are many more of these “airport treasures”. Send me stories about the ones you find.

  • Larry Meadows

    Nobody has said anything about 5A9 at Warm Springs. The runway has been lengthend and widend, re numbered 36 18 (was 35-17)., new ‘T’ hangers (there were none before) and a VASI approach light system.

    • Bob Minter

      I have looked into this and there is a reason we don’t know about this. The airport doesn’t have an AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer!
      Would you be interested? There is information about the ASN on the website at . If not you, please help us find someone who would be a good spokesperson for the airport. I think whoever decides to do this will be happy they did and will feel good about being a local advocate.
      Thanks for your comment.