Wisconsinites: Telling the Story of A Tax Change

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of speaking at the Wisconsin Aviation Conference in Rothschild. I was joined by Abe Weber from Outagamie County Regional Airport and Jeff Baum from Wisconsin Aviation to discuss the aircraft maintenance tax exemption passed earlier this year and the importance of national and state aviation groups working together to achieve their legislative priorities

But, as I mentioned to the group, advocating for the passage of a bill is only part of our responsibility when it comes to a tax policy change such as the reform in Wisconsin.  Telling the ‘on the ground’ story of the reform is absolutely critical — which is why AOPA has put together a brief survey to collect the impacts the tax exemption is having on the industry.  With the information collected from the survey, AOPA and the several Wisconsin aviation organizations can publicize how the tax reform is benefiting the state through job creation, stronger economic performance, and many other factors.

So, if you are a pilot, aviation business owner, or in any other way impacted by Senate Bill 348 which provides a complete sales tax exemption for the parts used for aircraft maintenance please take a moment to complete the survey and return it to me — I’d really appreciate it! Click on the link below to find the survey.

Wisconsin Aviation Maintenance Aircraft Tax Exemption Survey

  • Edmund Markey MD

    Efforts across the board at all levels should be made to help preserve and promote GA. Grass roots and legislators must get and promote our message.

  • Roger Shadick

    As an FBO owner in Wisconsin, this change will allow us to compete with the neighboring states on the larger restoration projects and general maintenance. It also will lower the overall operating expenses for the aircraft owners. The additional savings will allow them to use their savings for additional flight time, aircraft upgrades, etc. This is a positive move for the future of general aviation in our state.

    Noble Aviation L.L.C.