September 2012 Trip to Omaha, NE and Atlantic, IA

As you may already know, the AOPA Regional Manager program was created to increase AOPA’s ability to address the issues facing general aviation at the state and local levels. Among other things, all seven Regional Managers are responsible for all legislative issues within their region as well as making AOPA more visible, promoting membership, and serving as a local point of contact for members.

My region, the Central Southwest region, includes Nebraska and Iowa along with seven other states. I just came back from a trip that took me to Omaha, NE and Atlantic, IA to work on a legislative issue and promote general aviation and AOPA.

While in Omaha, I met with Senator Krist and hosted a Pilot Mix and Mingle event on Friday, September 14:

          We have started working on next year’s legislative initiatives and, therefore, I wanted to meet with Senator Bob Krist of Nebraska’s District 10, and a professional pilot when not working as a legislator, to discuss a 2013 bill to extend the approach zones from the current three miles to 10 miles (in a conical manner) from the end of every IFR runway in the state to increase safety and promote good land use planning. Cell phone towers, wind turbines, power lines or other tall structures built too close to airports create a serious safety hazard for pilots and those on the ground and the potential for tall obstacles is greater today than ever before. AOPA very much supports this bill. It failed to pass this year due to lack of time; however, Senator Krist is committed to introducing it again in early 2013.

          Later that afternoon, I hosted a Pilot Mix and Mingle social and networking event at the Hangar One FBO at the Millard Airport (MLE) with fellow AOPA members, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We offered free food and drinks, gave a few prizes… some thanks to USAIG… and just had a “plane” good time. Those who flew in even received a fuel discount. We had a great turnout with 50+ attendees and had a great time talking and playing an ice breaker game. Here are pictures from the event:

On Saturday, September 15, I was up bright and early to set up AOPA’s booth and to teach a safety seminar at the Fly Iowa 2012 event in Atlantic, IA. The “Fly Iowa 2012” airshow/fly-in was organized by the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group (IAPG).

The safety seminar was titled “Operations at Nontowered Airports.” It was a well attended seminar with approximately 35 attendees where we covered airspace found around nontowered airports, references and resources to use for planning purposes, pattern prodecures and techniques, communications, collision avoidance procedures, etc. Rod Ticknor, an experienced local flight instructor, was scheduled to co-teach the seminar with me but, unfortunately, he was feeling under the weather.

The day continued with ground displays and an airshow. The audience was WOWed by the performances of several P-51 Mustangs and Greg Koontz among others. I always enjoy attending smaller airshows in rural areas because most of the attendees are attending an airshow for the first time and, sometimes, it is even their first time around general aviation aircraft. I find it fascinating to listen to the conversations and comments made by the local attendees, especially kids, of course. They are absolutely amazed by aircraft, their abilities and those of the pilots. I think these pictures describe the event and the engaged attendees pretty well.

As we were packing everything after the show, I came across the Koontz Team as they were taking their Piper Cub apart to put it in their trailer. I found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you all. It took them about 30 minutes from the time they pulled the aircraft into the hangar to the time it was safely secured in the trailer – pretty impressive team work. Everything was studied and measured to the last detail. Here are pictures of their progress:

As part of AOPA’s efforts to reach out more to its members and aviation enthusiasts in the regions, we have set up Twitter accounts to help share news and information about local aviation events and issues. Please follow me at I try to keep the tweets up-to-date, fresh and entertaining and always announce upcoming events where AOPA will be participating.

My next trip takes me to New Mexico (Ruidoso, Albuquerque and Santa Fe) and Little Rock, Arkansas this week. Will I see you there??

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  • Cliff

    Wow! I like the note on the Cub! I followed a link in my AOPA newsletter to get here. As someone who is trying to keep the cost of my flying down I like the idea of being able to pack up a fun aircraft like the cub. It looked almost as easy at packing up a Vans RV 12 or a RANS Cyote. Thanks for posting!

  • John Stubbs


    I’ve got to give you credit. You are pretty active in your job of communicating with your members. I appreciate the updates.

  • Mike Longley

    Sorry to miss the meet at greet at Millard – made the Atlantic air show but only briefly
    Thanks for the work you do.
    Love to see more lakes open for float access in Nebraska!