Michigan’s Operation Good Cheer Looking For Pilot Volunteers This Weekend!

This weekend, I will be representing AOPA during Operation Good Cheer.  The weather is scheduled to be beautiful and an influx of additional children necessitates additional volunteer pilots!

From Operation Good Cheer Headquarters:

During the December 7th event, pilots can help make a Christmas special for children across the State.  Leaving from Pontiac International Airport, pilots from all over volunteer to help deliver gifts to kids so that they will be insured to have a good Christmas. Even pilots from out of state come to help.

With over 4000 chilred in need and over 13,000 gifts to be delivered more pilots are needed to deliver the gifts!

Visit Operation Good Cheer to volunteer at :http://www.cfsm.org/OperationGoodCheer.htm

  • Chris Styers

    I am a student pilot with 105 hours of dual and PIC time in a C172/SP. I am aware I cannot help in the delivery of the gifts however, I would like offer my time to help elsewhere. I am available weekends and some weekdays.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Bryan Budds

    Hi Chris — you can find out more here: http://www.cfsm.org/OperationGoodCheer.htm

    They accept all sorts of volunteers, but maybe by this time next year you will have your private and can help fly!