State of Tennessee Regulating Flight Schools

Tennessee’s Higher Education Commission – Post Secondary Schools Division is regulating VA Approved, Part 141 Flight Schools under its administrative rules, Chapter 1540-01-02. I submitted our AOPA comments/objections in March of this year saying, in part “This rule discriminates against FAR Part 141 Flight Schools who have invested extraordinary amounts of money into facilities, equipment and aircraft that now must meet the Rules and pay the fees of the THEC at even  more expense, thus their customers/students will have to pay more. The rule discourages establishing a Part 141 Flight School in Tennessee and the jobs that are created as well.” Tennessee’s Part 141 Flight Schools are required to comply with the THEC Rules as well as those of the Veterans Administration and the FAA. All of them differ so the financial and administrative burden is significant. It appears that we are going to have to seek a legislative solution during the upcoming session of the 108th General Assembly.