Friendly Airports in the Central Southwest Region

Looking for an airport to grab a $100 hamburger? Want to visit an aviation museum? How about camping by your airplane? Just simply want to visit an airport to watch airplanes take off and land? We may consider these “friendly airports” and I have started to compile a list of them within our Central Southwest Region (NM, TX, LA, OK, AR, KS, MO, NE, and IA).

List of friendly airports in Central Southwest Region

Note: The information above is only as good as the sources provided. Please confirm before using.

You can always find more information for fly-in restaurant locations on “The $100 Hamburger” book and website:

For more on-airport camping or nearby camping facilities, you might find the American Air Campers Association helpful:

Additional feature destinations, weekend getaways, romantic getaways, and escapes can be found at:

I want to thank the state aviation offices in the nine states for their help identifying some of these airports. However, please send me any suggestions and/or items that should be added to this list… an airport close to you or one that you have visited that provides access for both the flying community and surrounding community by way of picnic tables, a viewing area, a seating area, a restaurant, a park, etc as a way to show to the community the value of the airport, the types of operations that go on, spark kids’ interest in aviation, and so on. The more robust the list is, the better.

Still need or want more reasons to fly and visit different community airports? Read to learn about incentive programs to encourage pilots to explore different airports around them while getting prizes.

Now go out and fly! Enjoy your community airports!!

One thought on “Friendly Airports in the Central Southwest Region

  1. KIYA Abbeville La
    Museum on field
    2-Hotels on field
    Palmetto St. Park 10 miles..Hiking, Fishing, Cabins, Bird Watching

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