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  • Jason Stuehrenberg

    I was just wondering with the sweepstakes, does the person who wins this beautiful aircraft have to be present in CT when the drawing is held?

  • Mark Keneston

    I couldn’t be happier with the work done on the 182p. That is until I WIN in September. CUDOS and Great job!

    Thankk you

  • Daryl Davis

    Have they announced my name yet?

  • William Hixson

    I hope I win!!!

  • Deonaldi Vargas

    Yes it would be nice to win a Wonderful Aircraft like that, but you guys should that winning a machine like that is half the matter. What matters is how you gonna use it and how you are going to take care of it. Now if I won that Cessna I would take care of it every day. Everyweek i would fly it and not keep it a Garage like most people would do. I would take care of it and make sure that it wouldnt get a single scratch on it and maybe hire some watch dogs with laser to watch it Lol kidding I thing the’ll accidently shot the plane from chasing a squirl. But boy just winning it would surely be nice and althought it might be a little expensive taking care of it i would save my money everyday from a penny to two and until i have enough i would go and fly it with my flight instructor because I am 17 but i have flown before many times with my intructor making a move just sitting their and observing me like a hawk. But I believe i would fly it like a pro and use my skills from that and use it when i join the navy or Airforce and maybe some days when everyone sleeping i would sbeek into my plane, start the engine head to the runway and change my status from normal to happy. But i i do win it i would not spend a dime on anything else and only use it for this aircraft and sinse i currently have a job right now i think im going to start to save up my money right now. But what i learn from life is to never give up and to not get to excited but at the same time dont feel sad for not winning it but to be happy that the lucky guy is flying it. Sinse I am still young i would appreciate if anyone out their would like to give me advice or maybe tell me what colleges are perfect for aviation or anything you would like to tell me email me at Thank you and sorry for writing so much.

    • Deonaldi

      If anyone can delete this, Please do so. I know I was young and didn’t know any better but just reading these first couple of sentence’s, made me feel pretty embarrassed. Thank You in advance.

  • Bill Hixson

    I would love to win!!!

  • tony

    mine, mine, mine

  • Dustin

    I am confused about the entry period. The Official rules states: “AOPA’S DEBONAIR® SWEEPSTAKES (“SWEEPSTAKES”) BEGINS AT 9:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) ON 12/15/12 AND ENDS AT 11:59 PM ET ON 7/31/14 (“ENTRY PERIOD”).” Is this correct? Does the entry period really go until September of 2014? I thought it was 2013?


  • Jeff Lewis

    That is Lewis; L E W I S!! Yes, you have my email to notify me of my win!!!

  • Bill Hixson

    We all can’t win, sorry. I’ll give you a fly by.

  • Dick

    Whomever wins this beauty will be lucky indeed. I do hope that it’s me.