Stand By for the Feature

Just a quick post to mention that the Debonair will appear on the cover of the July issue of AOPA Pilot, along with a wrap-up article. For those of you who haven’t received your copy yet, here’s a photo from the article:

14_Sweeps Debonair_0112 (4)

15 Responses to “Stand By for the Feature”

  1. Terry says:

    I can’t wait to sit left seat!

  2. t h says:

    Getting ready to purchase my plane ticket to receive my plane

  3. t hunt says:

    MY plane

  4. tony h says:

    ready to fly my plane home

  5. Barry A Blake says:

    Nice! Since I never win anything, maybe all my luck has been saved up for this moment.

  6. Ryan says:

    I desperately need this plane! The reasons are infinite, but to name a few, I LIKE IT! I LOVE IT! And I want, after this week, my kids to share the joy of flying with me, and a single seat airbike just isnt cutting it. If I win this plane, Ill give away my airbike to someone who wants it!

  7. Dan Gaspar says:

    Absolutely stunning aircraft!

  8. Capt Al Blakely CD (ret'd) says:

    That plane would look good sitting in my hangar at Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Not that a Canadian could ever win it. Just a pipe dream.

  9. Mike Berryman student pilot says:

    A beautiful Debonair plane she is. It looks like they did a nice job of restoring my plane. I don’t have much to offer her. Just a roof over her head, clean fuel and the finest oil I can find. lol

  10. Freddy Garen says:

    A nice airplane indeed. It is a pubblication that must be read. I am looking forward to give a quick view to your article on AOPA newpaper.

  11. Scott Caskey says:

    This plane is absolutely gorgeous. The price is right too! They did a superb job on this. Someone is going to get very lucky.

  12. Raul Leyte says:

    AOPA thank you for reconditioning this Debonair for me. I can’t express how I feel knowing that I’ll be receiving a call soon to hand me the keys of this beautiful aircraft. Sorry fellow airmen!! This one is MINE!

  13. My son has spent ALL his lawn mowing money on this plane, he’s convinced he will put thousands of hours of training and flying in it, on his way to his dream as a astronaut! This has been so much fun for us!

  14. James Persinger says:

    Very nice job AOPA!!! Excited for the winner!!!
    (Even if it isn’t me!)

  15. Edgar says:

    Ryan, if you win I’ll be happy to accept your airbike!

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