Flying the Debonair

Happy Friday, Debonair Sweepstakes fans and followers! While we wait for Genesis Engines to evaluate the condition of all the original¬†-K engines’ internal parts, I thought I’d take the time to share a video with you. It appeared on AOPA’s last week’s weekly video webcast–AOPA Live This Week–or ALTW as we call it around the building.

It was a cold winter day when I took up Paul Harrop, an ALTW producer, up to demonstrate steep turns, stalls, and a lazy eight or four. Go easy on my technique–I haven’t done a Lazy Eight in a couple years! But I have to say that the camera doesn’t do justice to the deck angle at the 90-degree point; it was way higher than it seems in the video.

Some of you may have already seen the video, but for those who haven’t, here you go:{5E55537C-4330-4325-8267-57425397FB87}#ooid=xnZTg0azqmmXM3sBr8lHrMYRuTDSUGSj


  • tony

    i will flying in this plane soon. So excited

  • tony

    I am ready to fly, fly, fly

  • Joanna Smith

    Well, Tom it’s nice to see what you look like in real life – gives a little bit of personalization to the sweepstakes log book :)

  • tony h

    mine, mine, mine

  • Yochanan

    That was a great video of the planes handling capabilities. It will be a great asset to the Honor Flight community as I (being a Veteran) fly our WWII and Vietnam Vets to Washington, DC. Let’s win this for Myrtle Beach.

  • Dave

    This is going to be a great GA airplane for someone. I hope it goes to a AOPA member that will fly it a lot and let us know how it is used in the future. I have been a GA pilot for 40 years and I expect to fly at least 20 more. Owning an airplane takes a financial commitment, the eventual owner should be ready to commit a $1000 a month to the ownership and operation of this plane. Hangars at my airport are $500 (this is too nice to be left outside) per month and fuel is $6 per gallon insurance will be about $1500 and annuals will be about $2500. If that is too steep then don’t wish for this airplane.

    • John W. Palmer

      I agree with Dave. It would be a real shame for the AOPA member that wins this to not have the financial means to properly take care of it. I think that there ought to be some sort of “stress” test to make sure that the more expensive sweepstakes planes go to pilots that will love and care for them and not leave them tied down outside to deteriorate.

  • Rod

    This is the plane I have dreamed of owning all my life. Being a businessman I am wondering what the gift/prize income tax would be for the first year. That alone might be beyond the financial means of most let alone the annual cost of operation. I would love to have the option but my wife would wish for a vacation home. Life is full of tough choices.