Slidedown tiedowns

While we wait for another report from Air Mod, I thought I’d mention Sal Corio’s “Slidedown” tiedown system. Corio came up to the Debonair display at Oshkosh–er, EAA AirVenture–and wondered if we wanted to try out his knot-free tiedowns. Of course, we said.

The Slidedowns are meant to work with The Claw and other stationary ground tiedown rings. Slidedowns, as the name implies, use small sliding cylindrical tubes to exert a locking force on tiedown ropes. No more elaborate knot-tying here. Just slide down the tubes until the ropes are taut, and you’re done. They come in various colors, and are cut to fit both low-wing and high-wing airplanes. Retail price for a set: $69.85 through Slidedown, Aircraft Spruce, or Banyan.

They make for fast tiedown jobs! Here’s a look:

The Slidedown's tubes hold tension on the tiedown ropes. No more knot-tying drills!

The Slidedown’s tubes hold tension on the tiedown ropes. No more knot-tying drills!

Contents of the Slidedown package

Contents of the Slidedown package

  • Barry A Blake


  • Tony

    So many updates for my plane Great – Thanks

  • Tony

    those are nice

  • tony

    i like these

  • David Kincade

    We used to make those back in Boy Scouts. We used a hunk of wood, a pocket knife, and some ropes. Great for tent ropes. It’s brilliant to use the system for aircraft tiedowns.

    • John

      Hmm, the hooks look a little wimpy. What’s the load rating?

    • Sal Corio

      Thank you David. I was a Boy Scout myself and made my first set many years ago for my first airplane. They worked great and I always said I wanted to make them for other pilots some day. The ones we make today are certainly more stylish than my first set, especially with the 11 different colors to pick from and the powder coated 6061 aluminum slide. And best of all, we make them here in my shop in RI. Yes, this country can make products if we try. John the hooks are rated at 1200 pounds each. Feel free to email me with any other questions. Fly Safe. Sal Corio

  • grtbluyonder

    There is a simple easily learned slip-lock knot. No hardware required just use your lines. Cost $0.

    You learned how to fly, surely you can learn a grade 5 boy scout knot. On the other hand, if you can’t then this product looks nice and given it’s history from boy scouts stick clamps, no doubt it works fine.

    • InThePattern

      Ah man, why such a downer. If you don’t want to buy the product, don’t. There’s no need to criticize another’s intelligence or motives simply to stroke your own ego.