Paint sneak-peek

Here’s a quick look at the latest goings-on at the paint shop, KD Aviation at Newburgh, New York’s Stewart International Airport. As you can see, the first coat of the airplane’s Matterhorn White paint has begun. Looks good, no?


Wings and empennage get the first coat of Matterhorn white at KD Aviation

Wings and empennage get the first coat of Matterhorn white at KD Aviation


As mentioned earlier, this will be an all-white paint scheme at first, with decals explaining the upgrades. Later, the stripes will be added. But for those of you going to EAA’s AirVenture, this will give you an idea of what to expect. Note: the control surfaces will be painted separately, then┬ábalanced before they are added to the airframe.

12 Responses to “Paint sneak-peek”

  1. Rich Kemp says:

    One lousey picture? Things must really be bad in Frederick!

  2. James Huber says:

    Why all the negitivity. Remember “If you can’t say anything good don’t say anything”

  3. Mark Dillon says:

    I’ll get my first peak at my new lane at KOSH.

  4. Brian Smylie says:

    My plane is starting to look good!

  5. tony says:

    this is my plane

  6. Ron says:

    These updates BLOW! Could you now update us on the color of the tires that will be replaced?

  7. Peter Davis says:

    That’s a great “sneak peak”. Let the imagination “Fly”!

  8. tony says:

    Mine, mine, mine

  9. Tony Hunt says:

    hello, my plane is almost ready

  10. Heather Johnson says:

    Sorry fellas, this girl’s going home with Deb!

  11. Rick otolo says:

    C’mon, you guys can do better that this photo! Want me to take some for you?

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