Sun N’ Fun Countdown: Get a load of this!

Ready for the road. Don't worry, upcoming posts will show it all powered up!

Ready for the road. Don’t worry, upcoming posts will show it all powered up!


We still have to do some shakedown flights to make sure there are no squawks to our/your Debonair, and that all the new avionics talk to each other the way they should. But now that the panel installation is complete, I felt like I just HAD to share this photo with you.

Pat Horgan and his staff at Santa Fe Aero Services have done a great job in time-travelling this airpane’s panel from 1963 to 2013. I can’t wait to go up on the calibration flights for the Electronics International MVP-50P engine/systems analyzer. That should happen later today or early tomorrow. Soon, the airplane will be pulled out of the hangar. Then its Aspen dual AHRS units will be tested and the heading algnments synchronized. Oh, and the magnetic compass will also be swung at this time.

So, even though it isn’t powered up quite yet, get a load of this.

9 Responses to “Sun N’ Fun Countdown: Get a load of this!”

  1. Joanna Smith says:

    What are the switches on the left handle of the yolk? Is it the trim? If not, where is it located? Thanks, couldn’t see the details/image very well.

    • thorne says:

      One is an autopilot disconnect button. Another is an altitude hold button when in autopilot. The push-to-talk switch is on the front of the left horn of the yoke.

  2. Richard Kemp says:

    Why not powder coat the cross member attachment to the yokes the same color as the yokes?

  3. Tony says:

    My plane looks perfect

  4. tony says:

    mine, mine, mine. Please hurry and give it to me

  5. Auto pilot mode select and disconnect are two of them.

  6. Don Scholtz says:

    Hi, Since the wing bolts were changed does it make sense to change out the elevator and rudder attach bolts ?

  7. Yon Hernandez says:

    I noticed the co-pilot side rudder controls are not the same as the captains. Will they install new rudder pedals?

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