Debonair Sweeps: It’s Official:New N-number!

So far, the sweepstakes Debonair goes by N232L. That’s OK, but we needed to put a little more spark in the registration number. Something that would resonate with the notion of a sweepstakes. AOPA has done this with each of its past sweepstakes airplanes, so last December yours truly searched for a catchy N-number.

This entails going on the FAA’s registry website and plugging in the N-number(s) you wish you could have. And I tried a bunch. In all, I spent perhaps two hours thinking up cool N-numbers, submitting the requests, then almost immediately receiving the bad news: “N-number already in use.” When I reached burnout on this seemingly dead-end task, I asked the rest of the staff to take a whack at it.

Al Marsh rolled the dice and came up a winner. He picked a great N-number, and it wasn’t taken!

So I applied, paid the $10 registration fee, and the deed was done. When the airplane reaches the paint-job stage, it will have its paperwork changed and the new N-number will grace the fuselage. It will be N232L no more.

It will be N75YR

What’s the significance? Well, the Debonair will be given away at AOPA Summit in Palm Springs in 2014. That year happens to be AOPA’s 75th anniversary, hence “75YR.” Pretty cool, no?


  • Kurt Christiansen

    That’s great! I’ll be so happy to fly N75YR when I win this year! (One can only hope, can’t he?)

    P.S. My father turns 75 this year, It would be ok if he wins it instead of me!

    • thorne

      We’ll see what we can do….

  • Peter Davis

    With all due respect Kurt, I’ll let (my N#) 75YR be a constant visible goal: “This Deb will keep will keep me flying until I’m at least 75″.

  • Bill Sando

    As 1939 is my year of birth I think that aircraft would look great in the air but even better in my hanger.

    Just a hint – thanks for the gift :-)

  • PapaMilano

    You’re using my lucky (N) number, so it’s only fair that it will grace my hanger starting in 2014. Thanks for thinking of me! 😉

    • thorne

      Bill and Papa–only one more year until it’s yours!