First flights flawless

Air Plains Services, the engine conversion experts who installed the 300-hp IO-550 in our 2011 Crossover Classic sweepstakes airplane, has reached a milestone.

The engine’s first five flight hours have been logged, and the engine and EDM-930 engine data management unit both worked flawlessly. Now the airplane is cleared for the trip to AOPA Summit’s static display at the Long Beach/Daugherty Airport (LGB).

Yours truly will be at the helm. Accompanying me will be AOPA Pilot’s senior photographer Mike Fizer–and his 150 pounds of camera gear.

My checkout comes on Friday, November 5. Check back to see how that went, and when I launch early Saturday morning, November 6 check back for position reports along the “southern route” from Wellington, Kansas to the LA basin. I’ll be trying out the tracking function of my SPOT unit.

  • Phil Stiver M.D.

    Following your journey with interest as I have a 1974 182 P with a near run out engine. this could be the perfect transformation. Thanks for the journal.

  • Joe Baughman

    Stop by St. George, UT, get some gas and coffee and say howdy!

  • Charles MacBeath

    Hi Guys..great job being done,..but how about some more photos especially of the Engine runs on the new engine along with first flight pictures..keep up the good work.