Vive la difference

A new paint job makes all the difference. That goes double for an airplane with an original paint job as deteriorated as the Crossover Classic’s was. Earlier this week, I picked up the newly-painted sweepstakes Skylane from BOSS Aircraft Refinishers. I know some of you have criticised the “swoopy” paint scheme, but the final product looks great. You can look at a paint scheme on a piece of paper, but that’s certainly no match for seeing a new paint job in the flesh.

After a two-hour flight from BOSS’ shop at Salisbury, North Carolina’s Rowan County Airport, the airplane is now hangared at AOPA’s home base at the Frederick, Maryland Municipal Airport. There are a couple more stops on its journey to completion, but for the most part the restoration is finished. Look for more coverage and more photos in the July issue of AOPA Pilot magazine. And the airplane will be on the cover (we did the air-air photography last night, and the photos do it justice). Oh, and there are more blogs in the pipeline as well.

Now I have to go clean bugs off the leading edges. I’ll be baaack, as Arnold would say.

  • http://googleme Don Sebastian

    Since doing the pre-buy inspection for the AOPA on this airplane. I had some unusual experiences, dealing with military pilots at the war zones, in the middle east. In between their combat missions, they read the AOPA Pilot and just as we do, view the online articles and videos. Talk about living in two different worlds. So we did our search for their civilian airplane, on line. Example, one guy flies helicopters in Afghanistan. He found a C172 in Clearwater Florida. I did a FAA file search and found the airplane has been though, the school of hard knocks. Recommended to also line up another airplane in the area, in case this Skyhawk was the wrong bird. He found another at the same airport that didn’t sound as good for the buck. So I investigated that airplane, and liked what I found. After only spending a few hours with first choice airplane, found it would be a bad investment. But the second choice, knocked are socks off, so we did a flight test. That night in the motel room, we did our log book research, looked at the market, again. The next day he had an airplane, and flew it home, after I made those take-offs and landings with him. to get him current. Don, Aviation Consulting Services Inc.

  • Mike Walsh

    Looks like somebody is trying to capitalize on a little free advertising. Why not? I’d do the same.
    I’ll call you Don when I need a pre-buy.

  • Dustin Paulson

    Ever notice what parts of plane look the worst when a plane needs a paint job? Those gritty exoskeletons of the bugs that impact those leading edges, and that you rub off after the flight can act like sandpaper on your paint.
    You might want to consider putting some clear 3M leading edge tape on all of the leading edges to keep that nice new paint job looking new for a long time to come.

  • http://wendell wendell ray chambers

    Wow has anyone priced a paint job on a Aircraft ? I did & almost fainted , so if I must, COME ON KRYLON !!

  • http://EAA David Wilkie

    Anyone else tired of the “swoopy” trim paint on these AOPA aircraft? I sure am. First thing I’d do IF I won (really doubtful) is get rid of that gold-colored curve on the fuselage sides.
    Other than that, I feel AOPA really does a good job of upgrading everything else.

  • DougP

    My plane looks awesome…can’t wait to bring her home.

  • Francisco L

    I sure hope some video will accompany the next magazine pictures too. looking like a sweet ride. and sorry Doug, the plane is going to AZ! 😉

  • Emmett Hoolihan

    I think this one is the “Supreme” of AOPA’s giveaways!

    what a thrill to own this one!

  • Patrick Collins

    Sorry is all I can say to everyone else posting regarding the Sweepstakes Crossover…It’s coming home to a loving home @KROC to be poudly flown, and displayed at many destinations> I personally love the awesome paint job, and I will look mighty good in the aircraft!!! What a sweet tool to help promote General Aviation. Have you all seen the tattoo that I have on my right shoulder blade?…looks a lot like the Sweepstakes Crossover doesn’t it?…any coincidences…?

  • http://none Roger

    I’ll ignore the paint and just go crazy over the new avionics/oxygen system/ leather interior and new headsets in the AOPA Sweeps C180/P. Can’t wait to get her home to French Valley Airport(F70). I’ll have the hangar pre-heated and waitning.

  • Thomas Kelly

    I think it would be better to duplicate the exact scheme & colors it left the factory with. Most buyers want a clean original plane that looks like it just left the factory & has been in a hangar ever since. Any thing different is personalized and may add or detract value.

  • Mark

    I’ve seen this up close and in person, breathed in those gorgeous new leather seats- ogled at that amazing panel…all I can say is- Looks like it just rolled off the factory floor!!

  • Bryan

    Maybe it’s time one of the AOPA planes comes to Canada! I’ll take this one! Great job!

  • Kevin Dickson

    Hard to see the paint job from inside the cockpit at 9,5….who cares? I’m positive all you suckers will amaze at her beauty as I buzz over your heads in route to our home……L18 Fallbrook, CA.

  • Capt Al Blakely CD

    Sorry, the plane is coming to Canada. Lethbridge, Alberta to be exact.

  • Roger W.

    What a coincidence, my wives favorite color is red so I can keep it. It will be a great addition to all of Santa Paula’s (KSZP) fine and rare aircraft.

  • Rita B.

    Sorry guys!
    With all those “swoopy ribbons and bows” this is a girlie, princess plane with my name on it. KBVU is ready for her.

  • Jeff Stewart

    I agree with David W. The swoopy thing should have faded away like my acid wash jeans and Duran Duran LP’s. Beautiful airplane though once you get past the ridiculous paint job!

  • Mark Blackwell

    The paint scheme is modern guy’s! This airplane wasn’t built long ago, the parts department at Cessna was just storing this airplane in flying formation until AOPA could get a hold of them. Great effort and we all should appreciate the art that this bird has become.

  • delta-oscar-november

    The guy is right it is modern and people should appreciate it. It a wonderful masterpiece that we shouldn’t judge so harshly.

  • Phil

    I’ve seen some similar paint swoops on more recent Cessna’s, and in person, they aren’t too bad. Then again, that red and white paint job would be perfection without the swoops.

    I’ll take it how it comes, though. Please send it to Flying Cloud airport (KFCM).

  • Mark aka Winner

    I will be glad to give anyone a ride. The paint is great but my choice would be that “digital” camo Military scheme seen on the CONA planes. Now that would create ramp chatter.

  • Bob Siguaw

    I like the paint. She will definitely ad class to KBVS. There is a Corporate air center operating there with more than a few new fancy single engine aircraft sitting around. This paint job will make any of those new birds blush and head for the ladies room for a makeover. I will treat her right. :)