The Crossover Classic arrives at Sun ‘N Fun

It was quite a pleasure to fly the Sweeps 182–fresh from its interior completion at Air Mod–to Sun ‘N Fun. The seats are super comfortable, and noise levels are low thanks to Skandia’s soundproofing package. My route took me from Air Mod (at Ohio’s Clermont County Airport) back to home base at Frederick, Maryland for the first leg. The first portion of the leg was marginal VFR, but by the time I was over West Virginia IFR had setttled in over the entire Mid-Atlantic, thanks to a persistent area of low pressure.

Now’s when a cockpit like the Crossover Classic’s really shows its worth. The Cobham/S-TEC System Fifty-Five X took care of the flying while I got set up for the ILS approach to runway 23 at the Frederick Municipal Airport. The center console, from Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd., had enough compartments to hold all my charts and approach plates, and its clipboard kept the plate for the ILS close at hand. (The console’s lower compartment holds the airplane’s Mountain High oxygen bottle and regulator). Oh, and there’s a nice armrest, too–which flips up to allow access to a large storage compartment capable of holding larger items, like an Air Charts low altitude enroute chart book.

The ceiling was 800 feet, the visibility one-and-a-half miles, but it was no sweat really. The Garmin G500 showed the way–and the synthetic vision showed the virtual runway dead ahead. The G500’s flight path marker also backs up your nav visual cues by showing exactly where the airplane is flying. So, stay on the ILS and the flight path marker will remain planted on the virtual runway’s touchdown zone. Nice.

After a second,  five-hour flight I was descending into the Lakeland airport traffic pattern with AOPA Live’s Warren Morningstar aboard. We were Sun ‘N Fun bound, and having the airplane’s GTS-800 traffic advisory system (TAS) aboard made a big difference. Targets began to appear on the G500’s PFD (primary flight display) , the dedicated TAS page on the MFD (multifunction display), and on the ship’s two GNS 430 navigators. Talk about situational awareness!

The Crossover Classic is now on display at AOPA’s tent at Sun ‘N Fun, so stop by and  check out the new interior if you;re in the area. More from Sun ‘N Fun to come!

  • Andrew

    Why in the world, when you have all of the latest technology in the cockpit, would you be using antiquated paper charts? Since we panel-mounted a Garmin 696 in a Navajo I fly over a year ago, I haven’t picked up a paper chart once. With the G500, it must be even better since it’s right in front of you.

  • John

    Because Charts don’t go dark when the electrical system goes kaput.
    Always, always leave yourself an out!

  • Kris

    Glad you’re having fun, John. Please don’t hurt my airplane 😉

  • Chad

    Would love to see pics of the finished interior!

  • Bill Palmer

    I’ve been drooling over these AOPA restorations for awhile now. My turn to win a plane! say hi to Sun ‘N’ Fun for me!

  • Pat G.

    How about some pics of the interior, for us that aren’t as fortunate to attend functions like Sun-n-Fun……We are members too!!

  • Ryan M

    Did it survive the storm?

  • Mitchell Raab

    My question, also. Did the aircraft make it thru the storm or is it upside down in the pile of alumnium?

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