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Vive la difference

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

A new paint job makes all the difference. That goes double for an airplane with an original┬ápaint job as deteriorated as the Crossover Classic’s was. Earlier this week, I picked up the newly-painted sweepstakes Skylane from BOSS Aircraft Refinishers. I know some of you have criticised the “swoopy” paint scheme, but the final product looks great. You can look at a paint scheme on a piece of paper, but that’s certainly no match for seeing a new paint job in the flesh.

After a two-hour flight from BOSS’ shop at Salisbury, North Carolina’s Rowan County Airport, the airplane is now hangared at AOPA’s home base at the Frederick, Maryland Municipal Airport. There are a couple more stops on its journey to completion, but for the most part the restoration is finished. Look for more coverage and more photos in the July issue of AOPA Pilot magazine. And the airplane will be on the cover (we did the air-air photography last night, and the photos do it justice). Oh, and there are more blogs in the pipeline as well.

Now I have to go clean bugs off the leading edges. I’ll be baaack, as Arnold would say.