2009 ‘Let’s Go Flying’ Sweepstakes Cirrus SR22 kicks off

December 31, 2008 by Dave Hirschman

There are no bad years to take part in AOPA’s annual sweepstakes–but this is an especially good year because the prize is simply extraordinary.

The 2009 Let’s Go Flying Cirrus SR22 that some lucky person will win in 2010 brings stunning performance and unprecedented safety and utility to general aviation. All AOPA members are automatically entered in the drawing.

The technologically advanced, composite, glass-cockpit airplane can cover more than 1,000 nautical miles at a stretch, reach true speeds of more than 180 knots, and an altitude of 17,500 feet. Like every Cirrus, it’s got an airframe parachute, and this one also carries a built-in TKS anti-icing system for an extra level of safety. Its deluxe leather interior makes riding in the Let’s Go Flying SR22 feel like a luxury sports car.

Unlike previous Sweepstakes airplanes, the “Let’s Go Flying” SR22 needs no refurbishment. It’s a pristine, 2005-model G-2, and it’s flawless. It was donated to AOPA by Lloyd Huck, a philanthropist and long-time member and AOPA Air Safety Foundation donor who served as a flight instructor and Army Air Corps B-29 bomber pilot during World War II.

The Let’s Go Flying SR22 will crisscross North America in 2009 to highlight the tremendous utility of general aviation. You’ll see it at a variety of high-profile events throughout the year–but you may not recognize it. The “Let’s Go Flying” SR22 will sport a number of different looks courtesy of Air Graphics LLC, the Madison, Wis., firm that will design and install a series of eye-catching, exterior schemes during the year.

Check back regularly to see how the project progresses. To win this fabulous airplane, all you need to do is join AOPA or renew your AOPA membership at any time during 2009. Update your profile online for an additional chance to win. See the official rules for all the details.

60 Responses to “2009 ‘Let’s Go Flying’ Sweepstakes Cirrus SR22 kicks off”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait till its mine.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Oh my word!

  3. Randall Curtis Says:

    Could I be so Lucky? The more I learn about this plane, the more I wish for one.

  4. Sid Stusinski Says:

    I checked out in a new SR22 a few years ago and I have wanted one ever since. Can’t wait to fly my new G2 with TKS when I win it this year! Guess I better restart my instrument training…

  5. Richard Says:

    Mine Mine Mine!!!


  6. Dave Says:

    SR22 is a nice aircraft. 2005 means it probably has the Avidyne PFD and MFD.

    I believe the new GTS’ are now equipped with the Cirrus Perspective (Garmin G1000 with Synthetic Vision). Now that system is sweet!

    But heck I’d love to win any of the AOPA aircraft that have been given away through the years.

  7. Gary Says:

    I first heard this was going to be the 2009 sweeps plane at AOPA Expo, San Jose. Just when I thought AOPA couldn’t possibly come up with a better offering than 208GG, they again amaze. Can’t wait to win it! 😀

    My only question is, what is the time on the engine, and how much will be put on before it’s given away?

  8. Rob Graham Says:

    No thanks.. CIrrus SUCKS Sold my 2005 SR 20 G-2 and would NEVER buy another. They have the WORST customer Service and Horrible maintenance record. Mine spent over 6 months of the 29 months I owned it in the shop. It even made a trip back to the factory in Minnesota and they PROMISED it would be fixed right. They couldn’t even get that right. Problems continued until the day I sold the piece of crap. Of course that was after # 1 and # 3 cylinders had to be replaced at 307 hours. I hope you can fly this without all of the problems I had with my CIRRUS LEMON. Mr. Huck probably donated it to receive a better tax write off than what he could sell the plane for. Maybe he got tired of being a test pilot for Cirrus like I had done? Cirrus is only concerned about making money and do not care about building inferior and unsafe aircraft using inferior parts and manufacturers.

  9. Dave Himber Says:

    I think this plane would be better off flying the skies of Northern California with Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in the background! Therefore, I think this plane should be mine in order to enable this perspective.

  10. Ken L Says:

    It would be nice, but I might as well keep dreaming. A student won’t win, and besides, I couldn’t win a snow-ball if I were an Eskimo.

  11. Robert Lundahl Says:

    Very nice, but can I have the Sweepstakes Archer II with the black leather seats?

  12. Sean Caranna Says:

    My airplane, I saw it first. http://forums.aopa.org/showthread.php?t=50268

  13. Cindy H. Says:

    I agree, this plane needs to fly the skies of Northern California with Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in the background. Me too for that matter. Therefore, when she becomes mine, she and I will have to do just that! You of course, will be welcomed to come along.

  14. Joe Bradshaw Says:

    Talk about generous!!! THANK YOU, Mr. Huck

  15. James Says:

    @Ken L

    Remind me never to fly with you. I’ve never heard such a gloom and doom attitude before in my life. Especially in the pilot circles. You might want to consider staying on the ground for a while.

  16. Clifford B Says:

    Aww!! Isn’t she beautiful….I think this would finally push me to get a pilot license… I have been dreaming of flying too long :-(
    Good job AOPA, I think this would really help GA.

  17. Bill Howard Says:

    Maybe this beauty will be the reason we give up our 1976 Skylane? Naw – never hapen!

  18. Ed Says:

    The Cirrus is nice but I really like the Archer with the glass panel. What an airplane!

  19. Mark Kirk Says:

    I have read all of the comments thus far. One so negative I couldnt believe my eys, some think they dont even have a chance, and still others that seem to be choosy. Hmmm, to every person that has won and I have seen the articles and pictures, I have smiled for them. To all the AOPA staff members that put countless hours into finding these airplanes and restoring them to head turning beautiful condition, I applaud you!!!!! And Thank you Lloyd Huck for a wonderful gift to some lucky guy or girl… And I emphasize GIFT. Past, present, and future sweepstakes.
    Strait’en up, Fly right……

  20. Ed B Says:

    Winning any of the AOPA sweeps planes would be a dream come true!!
    But, I’ll take the Archer in ’09 so I don’t have to wait year to win the Cirrus.

  21. Emmett Says:

    No thanks you can keep it.

  22. Callsign Echo Says:

    This really do beat all. I love my AOPA membership; the resources are invaluable, the information is relevant and current, but this…I mean, they are GIVING AWAY A PLANE!

    And the SR-22 is really a beautiful aircraft. This is an incredible giveaway. Good job AOPA.

  23. Don Says:

    While this is clearly a beautiful plane to give away- it’s definitely not a plane I would keep. I prefer a plane that doesn’t require a parachute if I inadvertantly spin it, and I also prefer a plane I can afford to insure- in other words- definitely not an SR-22.

    Were I to win this I’d sell this as soon as possible, buy something like a Diamond and use the rest of the money for insurance, maintenance and fuel. Of course that would require me to actually get my license first- but in NYC that seems to take a lot longer than anywhere else in the country.

  24. Jeff Says:

    Disappointing, I will miss the refurbishment progress that I use to check up on weekly.

  25. Matt Says:

    I rather fly a metal plane any day. Go with the old reliable. The refurbishment was more fun to watch anyway.

  26. Pete Says:

    I too, am a little disapointed that there wont be a refurbishment to follow. Like Matt, I couldnt wait for the next update and
    I also loved the learning about the red tape and such associated with anykind of upgrade or Mod. For the past 2 aircraft
    I would get very excited when I’d see it in person at Sun-n-Fun. I even signed the floor panel of the cardinal. Having said
    that any plane is a good plane when its free. I belive people will be excited about this plane,and I would be grateful to AOPA
    and Mr. Huck for the chance to win it.

  27. Redvynes Says:

    If I were to win this airplane…. Sell it and see if the winner of the Archer is selling!!! (Assuming I haven’t already won the Archer!)

  28. S. Schwab Says:

    Only one negative thing. I’ll really miss the refurbish updates that went with past sweepstakes. Win or not this is a great program and the odds of winning are certainly better than any lottery. Thanks for looking out for us AOPA.

  29. Randy Broderick Says:

    As a student I would be thrilled to win any plane. I don’t know a lot about any plane other than Cessna’s and Piper’s, but I do know that a prize like the SR-22 would be awesome! it looks nice, and is about 50 years newer than the plane’s I fly in now.

    To those of you leaving the negative comments-get a hold of me if you are UN-lucky enough to win. I will be more than happy to do you a favor and take it off your hands.

    Thank you Mr. Huck.

  30. Steve Jones Says:

    So.. Who won the Archer, anyway??!? All of a sudden, all I can see is SR-22 stuff… maybe they haven’t been able to contact me!? :-)

  31. Keeble Walker Says:

    Sky King: Was, A, moment in my life

  32. Ray Cerrato Says:

    Who won the Archer, anyway??!?

  33. Hoa To Says:

    speechless.. alway want a sr22.. hope I can win it this year.. good luck to all who enter for the sweet take

  34. Mark Z. Says:

    Come on… this is a 2005 SR-22 G2 GTS… To win this would be the answer to anyone’s prayers. I believe I may win ’cause I actually won a free flight in a Albatross L-39 “N1445X this past year. Totally wicked plane. Until this raffled flight I had never won anything in my entire life… changed my outlook on my chances. Thing are looking good… To the AOPA & Mr. Huck I say,”Thank you!”

    PS… Did Mr. Huck purchase the new Cirrus SR-22 G3 TURBO GTX Perspective?


  35. Troy T Says:

    I have been a member for 25+years and still hopeing to win a Plane this SR22 is a real nice one I will keep my fingers cross

  36. eFlite Says:

    Cirrus aircraft look fantastic but it’s really easy to get them overweight and out of CG. eFlite, Inc. will provide a FREE eFlite Aviator v3.08 weight and balance program to the lucky Cirrus SR22 AOPA 2009 Sweepstakes winner to compliment the many other safety features of the aircraft.

    For comparison purposes, you can even try a FREE weight and balance demo at http://eFlite.com/?aid=aopa for the Cirrus and one for your aircraft as well.

  37. Richard Young Says:

    Yup—AOPA is still #1.

  38. Kent Says:

    Has the Archer been given away yet?

  39. Michael Says:

    You guys can have the SR22 Ill take the Archer.

  40. Bob Says:

    Awesome plane but I would rather have the Archer as well….Taxes would be a killer.

    Good Luck Everyone

  41. Mitchel Says:

    The person to wich this craft is gifted will truely be one lucky soul!

  42. James Runnels Says:

    Very nice plane. But I am also one of the unlucky people that will not win. If I did I would trade it back to AOPA for a nice two hole PITTS or a nice C172 and the flight training to get my PPL. Heck I would even give them my EAA BIPE in the trade also. I would not be able to afford the SR22.

  43. Bobby Says:

    Cirrus is a great plane if you do very long cross county trips IFR often. However all that dual system technology, FADEC engine & avionics maintenance is too costly for weekend lunches, 300nm or less occasional weekend getaways with about 2 >1000nm vacation trips a year type aviators like myself (and probably the majority of your members) can afford. I would rather have a simpler airplane with modern basic IFR capability like the Archer or a 172 and enjoy more time in the air when I can at a much lower cost. For me flying is a relaxing leisure activity away from the normal rat race. The more time in the air the better!
    Whatever happened to the 2008 sweeps Archer anyway. There has been no mention of it since the start of 2009??? When will it be given away??? Will we ever hear about it again???

  44. Robert H Says:

    Anyone seen anything resembling a link to the Get Your Glass Archer? Seems to be lot of suspense out there – the anxiety here is palpable. I recall the drawing date of 2-15-09 mentioned in San Jose last fall; need to hit the archives for the contes rules and details. Congradulations to the lucky soul who’s entry lists 208GG in the logbook! Ihave dedicated a new page for such an entry.

  45. Hod Says:

    Hello? Where’s my Archer? Ok, maybe not MINE (yet), but after following the progress of this plane intently for the last year it’s disappointing that it’s gone completely out of sight since Jan 1st. I understand that emphasis placed on the Cirrus as the NEXT plane, but to abandon any reporting on the ‘get your glass’ sweepstakes seems downright bizarre…especially just and the drawing date nears!!! And passed??? I thought Feb. 15th was going to be the day…but NO news?!? That’s just weird.

  46. ACE AV8R Says:

    Does anyone know if they will have a virtual version of this for Flight Simulator 9 or 10? That way the rest of you can can get an idea of how it flies since I will be winning the real one :)

  47. Longbow Driver Says:

    Rest easy, folks. It’s over. My name is on N208GG’s winning entry. AOPA’s delay in making the announcement is merely to facilitate notification to my wife that she is still #1, although she will have to tolerate “the other woman” in our lives. Trust me, once she takes the first ride with me in N208GG, all will be well and we will live happily ever after. :)

  48. John Cutler Says:

    After chasing a dream for so many years and now to be set back by the economy, that would truely be a dream come true. I have worked hard to achieve my pilot’s license and want to move on to CFI before the good lord claims me. That would surely help me achieve my instrument rating.

  49. D AV8R Says:

    Not to put the SR22 down in any way, but it looked a lot better with the original graphics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the plane in any way, shape, or form; I just feel the graphics company couldv’e done a better job with the colors as well as the design. I’ve probably just lost my chance at winning an amazing aircraft.

  50. Lars Jensen Says:

    It’s been much fun working with Dave Hirscman and everyone else at AOPA on this first of several graphic installments throughout the year. Thanks for the opportunity. We are looking forward to design #2.

  51. Ken Jacobsen Says:

    Can I take delivery in Nevada? Actually, it doesn’t make a difference. Just send the keys and I will go get it.

  52. Dave Says:

    Just dreaming now, but what would be sweet would be to see this Cirrus upgraded with Avidyne’s Entegra release 9.

    According to their web site they state, “The Entegra Release 9 upgrade provides the hardware platform to support future software releases which will support new display formats including Synthetic Vision (SVS), Enhanced Vision (EVS), and Highway in the Sky (HITS).”

    Now that would be seriously hot!

  53. slim Jim Says:

    Duke, Duke, Duke-of Earl, Duke, Duke, Duke-of Earl…

  54. Martin Weiss Says:

    I have had the good fortune of owning my own 2004 SR 22 G2 for over a year now. It is the latest airplane in a span of 20 years and eleven different steeds – two of which I still own – a 1942 J-3 and a 1942 Fleet Finch. As an “old dog” taildragger pilot, I was hesitant to trade my 1998 Maule M7 towards a “plastic whiz bang glass cockpit machine.” But let me tell ya, I have not regretted the decision at all. It is without a doubt, the finest machine I have ever flown. Docile, agile, stable and comfortable – with enough muscle to take a nice load but with a wing and safety system (ice and parachute) that is unmatched. Many new pilots (and the crybaby who owned the 2005 SR20 is probably a newbie to aviation) forget that the engine is the oldest technology in the airplane. It sounds to me like this kid didn’t understand lean of peak operations, etc. and blew apart two of his cylinders due to ignorance. Conclusion, if one is reasonably intelligent and understands the engineering marvel that is a Cirrus, and gets the PROPER training and IFR rating, then he or she is going to LOVE this sweepstakes airplane. GOOD LUCK everyone! My wife wants THIS one for her OWN! :)

  55. Rick Barreto Says:

    What to do if I were to win this airplane….. hmm…. the possibilities are endless.

  56. David Baker Says:

    I’m not a pilot but, what i’ve seen of the SR-22, i’d say it’s a very nice plane. I mean it’s only 4 years old, glass cockpit, i’m gonna go on a guess that it’s constant speed prop due to it’s speed of 180 knots. Flying above 15000 feet in a GA aircraft! Awesome!

  57. Bill Smaley Says:

    The funny thing is that all the people wishing for this plane couldn’t afford it. The average cost per flight hour on a Cirrus of this vintage runs around 200 dollars per hour. Maintenance, gas, insurance, airport fees, taxes…. Would it be great to have a IFR plane to scoot around in sure. But, AOPA didn’t take into account not being able to afford to operate this plane. Would I complain, not until I couldn’t sell it. Beggers can’t be choosers though, I’ll wait till AOPA puts up a J-3 or a CubCrafter, then I’ll get excited.

  58. Hernandez Says:

    When is the drawing?

  59. Chris Norman Says:

    OK, I spent all year licking stamps, hand writing envelopes and sending self-addressed stamped envelopes to AOPA lets go flying sweepstakes PO Box….etc etc etc. To the tune of more than 500 entries…yes, I really did! At times I thought I was crazy…but crazy like I am for flying!

    I licked 1500 envelopes, purchased 1500 stamps and hand filled out all 500 entries…ok actually my wife and son helped too!

    If I don’t win, I will give up flying because this shows devotion baby!

    Student Pilot 121 landings, 65 hours, 3 cross countries, 2 hours night flying and even 1 hour of Air Combat Maneuvering &

  60. Chris Norman Says:

    Ok…I did not win! Glad for him, sad for me. Statistically I had likely a better act chance of winning of more than 200 times the average number of entries. Aopa will supposedly release the stats on entries. Total number I expect at around 2 million or less. I might try again this year but the payoff is far less per the time and energy to do this. FAR LESS!