Now with WAAS on board

January 23, 2009 by Dave Hirschman

When we at AOPA said we weren’t going to refurbish the 2009 “Let’s Go Flying” Sweepstakes SR22, we didn’t say we wouldn’t upgrade it.

So, not being able to leave well enough alone, we brought the plane to Penn Avionics at Brandywine Airport in Pennsylvania in November and asked them for a WAAS upgrade. Both Garmin 430s will now be able to direct the future AOPA Sweepstakes winner through WAAS approaches, and the guidance information shows up beautifully on the Avidyne PFD and MFD screens.

AOPA has been a vocal and consistent backer of WAAS technology because of the safety, utility and economy it brings to general aviation. WAAS allows even the humblest airports to gain instrument approach capabilities with accuracy that rivals traditional ILS – without the expensive infrastructure or maintenance-intensive ground equipment that comes with legacy systems.

We’ve flown a couple of practice WAAS approaches in clear skies to learn the WAAS approach procedures, and it works as advertised. We look forward to using them for real when the “Let’s Go Flying” Sweepstakes SR22 begins its North American campaign this spring!

9 Responses to “Now with WAAS on board”

  1. Charles Ajemian Says:

    What a generous donations. Hats off to Mr. Huck.

  2. Bud Raymond Says:

    GPS is the way to go. So much more accurate than legacy navigation.

  3. eFlite Says:

    Cirrus aircraft look fantastic but it’s really easy to get them overweight and out of CG. eFlite, Inc. will provide a FREE eFlite Aviator v3.08 weight and balance program to the lucky Cirrus SR22 AOPA 2009 Sweepstakes winner to compliment the many other safety features of the aircraft.

    For comparison purposes, you can even try a FREE weight and balance demo at for the Cirrus and one for your aircraft as well.

  4. Todd Bevins Says:

    Wow! Thanks Mr Huck! A very generous donation, and should go a along way in promoting Gerneral Aviation.

  5. Richard Aniuk Says:

    We all must thank Mr. Huck for his extremely generous gift to AOPA and General Aviation. I hope the people in our government will take a lesson from his generous act.

  6. Anthony Trombello Says:

    Mr. Huck, how does one say thank you to someone who is willing to share through a generous donation of a Cirrus aircraft that had obviously brought so much joy to you. The passion of flying will continue because of your kindness. I always wanted to be a pilot and my dad supported me a 100%. You see my dad is a survivor of a commerical airline crash that is coming up on 20yrs now, in Sioux City Iowa, on that day 112 people died on impact and 184 survived. He went right back to flying soon after that crash. He always said the fastest/safest way to get from A to B was to fly. I take my dad up all the time flying he loves it. Check out his book (Miracle in the cornfield) Thanks again Mr Huck.

  7. Peter Snelling Says:

    Not only can one be impressed by Mr. Huck’s generosity but also his continuing passion for Aviation! I wanted to learn to fly most of my adult life but did’nt start till age 51. At age 53 ( still a beginner )I enjoy it so much I hope to follow in Mr. Huck’s footsteps and still be learning and growing into my eighties as well! We should all be so passionate about our interests!

  8. Michael Ludell Wells Says:

    Don”t write me off.I am layed off now. but will renew my membership .would love to win cirruc sr22

  9. Chris Norman Says:

    Did I mention I filled out over 500 entries…I am going to post a picture of the stack of blue slips at