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Now with WAAS on board

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

When we at AOPA said we weren’t going to refurbish the 2009 “Let’s Go Flying” Sweepstakes SR22, we didn’t say we wouldn’t upgrade it.

So, not being able to leave well enough alone, we brought the plane to Penn Avionics at Brandywine Airport in Pennsylvania in November and asked them for a WAAS upgrade. Both Garmin 430s will now be able to direct the future AOPA Sweepstakes winner through WAAS approaches, and the guidance information shows up beautifully on the Avidyne PFD and MFD screens.

AOPA has been a vocal and consistent backer of WAAS technology because of the safety, utility and economy it brings to general aviation. WAAS allows even the humblest airports to gain instrument approach capabilities with accuracy that rivals traditional ILS – without the expensive infrastructure or maintenance-intensive ground equipment that comes with legacy systems.

We’ve flown a couple of practice WAAS approaches in clear skies to learn the WAAS approach procedures, and it works as advertised. We look forward to using them for real when the “Let’s Go Flying” Sweepstakes SR22 begins its North American campaign this spring!