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On My Own

Today was the first flight in which Dana played no direct role in (kind of).  Today, I booked the plane at 16:00 for a just-for-fun flight.  I planned on bringing my camera and GPS to do some ariel photography.  As soon as I got home from school, I jumped in the car and headed out to the airport.  When I got there, I swiped my club membership card at the lock boxes to grab my key.  At Westosha, there is a lock box system that holds all of the keys to the aircraft.  When you swipe your card and enter you pin number, you choose the aircraft you would like to fly and it will unlock the box that contains the key to that aircraft.  For some weird reason, the system wouldn't accept my key card.  I called up Dana and explained the problem to him.  Since he didn't have the power to re-program my key card, he came by the airport, and used his card to get the key.  Pre-flight and takeoff went as planned.  Just before takeoff, I readied my camera so I didn't have to mess with it that much during flight.  My first target was my house.  Luckily, it was within 25 miles from the airport so I could photograph it.  On the way down to my house, the GPS lost its signal and never retrieved it.  So much for that.  Since I had no way of knowing exactly where my house was from the sky, I decided to scrap the photo shoot for another afternoon.  Instead of heading straight back to the airport, I flew the aircraft by Lake Michigan right over Kenosha.  It was really cool to see the faint outlines of both the Milwaukee and Chicago skyline.  The sun was starting to set which meant I had to be getting back to the airport.  Flying back to the airport, it was easy to spot exactly where  it was located.  The Wilmot Ski Mountain is right down the street from the airport.  The landing at Westosha was normal.  I was supposed to fill the aircraft after landing, but since my membership card didn't work, neither would my fuel card.  Hopefully next time I fly, the whole thing will be sorted out.  Today I logged 0.7 hours and one landing.  Saturday is going to be the second attempt at my first cross country.  There is chance of showers, but we'll see how the rest of the week plays out.  Thanks for reading everyone!!!

-Evan Krueger

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