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Another great reason to learn how to fly, to eat!

I kept busy last week washing an airplane and as I do with most menial tasks, my mind began to drift.  Perhaps I was hungry from the physical labor of washing, or maybe I have some kind of eating disorder, but I started thinking about food....a lot of food.  The first thought was simple enough, "I wonder what I'm going to have for dinner?" but then my mind really began to wander as I began thinking about the places that the aircraft I was washing has taken me to and what delicious foods I have eaten there.

I thought about clam chowder that I recently had in Boston and then quickly remembered the wonderful fresh lobster roll I had just up the coast in Bangor, Maine.  I thought about the delicious Egg Benedict I had one morning in Quebec City and that wonderful delicious duck I enjoyed one night in Montreal.  I remembered the deep dish pizza I had with some friends in Chicago and the cheese I enjoyed from Wisconsin.  How could I possibly forget about that huge cheese steak sandwich that I devoured  in Philly or the crabs I enjoyed just one day later in Maryland?   Buffalo, New York has some good hot buffalo wings and if you like hot food then I know some great places in Memphis and in Kansas City for some wonderful BBQ.  And speaking of the south, the best poboy I ever had was in New Orleans and make sure to visit Atlanta if you like sweet tea.  Nothing has ever come close to tasting as good as that enchilada  I had in Brownsville, Texas or that 16oz steak I had in Fort Worth.  The clams in San Diego were delicious as was the chowder from Portland and the cheeseburger in L.A.  Anywhere in Florida you can find wonderful fresh fish (snapper) as you can as well in Seattle.

And as I thought of these foods, I thought how very fortunate I am to be a pilot with a license that can literally take me anywhere my stomach desires!  So although it may not be the healthiest of reasons to learn how to fly, it is definitely one of the more physically gratifying ones!

Maybe for my next post, I'll talk about some of the good running routes I've found in these cities...

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  1. I often wonder what came first, the having to run so much, or the eating on the road so much. Guess it doesn't matter since now both are mandatory!

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