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Why You Should Learn To Fly

When most people think about learning to fly they envision freedom in flight but there are some other reasons why you should learn how to fly. There is a social fabric to this industry if you are an amateur or a professional. In addition to flying with friends and colleagues there are many advantages to flying.

Traveling for business is a time consuming and expensive process further compounded by tight security at major airports, delays and the time to and from major airports. With a small plane many times you can get much closer to your destination landing at a smaller regional airport and then have the added luxury of leaving when you are ready and not the designated departure time. Many small regional airports will even offer free ground transportation to your destination within a reasonable proximity without additional costs.The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) determined that flights involving private planes were used approximately 65% of the time for business travel. When traveling with clients or colleagues in private planes it creates an atmosphere that personal bonding and friendship is typically heightened. For many frequent flyers this is the method of transportation of choice.

The cost of renting a small single engine Cessna can be as low as $100.00 per hour and this cost is even lower if shared by the other passengers flying with you. It is not always cheaper to fly using private planes, in the case of long flights commercial is typically less cost but there is a sweet spot between 50 and 300 miles that can be cheaper than commercial airlines.

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There is a safety factor to consider when flying and that it is safer to fly on commercial or private planes compared to driving. Because the requirements are more stringent than a driver’s license you have more competent people operating aircraft. This clearly has been the reason why this type of transportation has been and will probably continue to be the safest form of transportation in the world.

You may also want to use your skills as a professional pilot, if this is your passion why not get paid for it. There are many opportunities that arise for a professional pilot beyond commuters going to business functions. They can be for a number of reasons including family emergencies and cargo. Another reason to consider this is currently there are around 600,000 pilots compared 800,000 pilots in the early 1980’s which means there has been a steady decline in pilots giving way to opportunity.

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