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A Pilot’s Story-A Documentary Capturing the Passion of Flight on Film

Wilco Films is producing the next big aviation documentary film called "A Pilot's Story". The film will feature Aviation Icons, Hollywood pilots, Astronauts, Aerobatic Champions, Commercial and Corporate pilots and a select number of General Aviation pilots.  

The film will give back to the aviation community by featuring the following organizations and donating some of the proceeds of the sale of the film to them. Organizations such as: Able Flight, Angel Flight, Young Eagles, Aviation High School, Build-A-Plane.

This feature is shot in High Definition video with an original music score and breathtaking air-to-air footage. The expected release date of A Pilot’s Story is early 2010.

Currently, Virgin America airlines, Lightspeed Aviation, Scheyden Precision Eyewear, ForeFlight Preflight Intelligence software, NACTA and Flight Plan magazine are on board as sponsors and contributors to the production of A Pilot’s Story.

Each month, we will highlight a short clip of one of the interviews we film for your enjoyment!

11 Responses to “A Pilot’s Story-A Documentary Capturing the Passion of Flight on Film”

  1. Great job guys! It's wonderful to see you here and and everywhere, I can feel the excitement building :)

  2. Hi, Just found this website by chance, looks great!

  3. Truly encouraging especially to the hesitating future pilot- good work!

  4. A great way to get more people interested in aviation which offers so much opportunity once the present recession ends.

    I'd be happy to help in any way as the top record setting pilot in the world

  5. Come fly with us in Afton, WY (AFO). The mountains are gorgeous! So happy you all are doing something to showcase avaition.
    R Sylar

  6. Hesham Oubari Says:
    February 22nd, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Sounds similar to One Six Right, which I loved. Please showcase the magic carpet qualities of flying. I just flew from VA to TX and back VFR in an antique Skyhawk, and saw a lot of places that few others get to see. It is also so much fun to be in the air on a wonderful day!

  7. Can't wait to see your final production, and know that bringing your information to our next generation to spark interest in aviation will keep the dream alive.

    My father was a private pilot in the 1940 era and was so busy with business that he had no time for teaching any of his eight children his passion of flying. He used the aircraft for business mostly but loved to be in the air . He was an aviation machinist in the late 1920's with the US Navy in Panama, with one of his commanding officers they used surplus Jenny Parts to build a plane which was used to fly to baseball games along the canal .

    His interest in aviation prompted me to take lessons at the Vermont flying Service in exchange for cleaning hangars and gassing up during the post war boom in Aviation in 1947.

    I could spend another hour chatting but this email is about my Dad and I have lots' of photo's of his flying days in the Navy that someday will share .


    Gene Letter

  8. Sounds Great.I would watch your movie for sure.I always had an interested in aviation & i am trying for FAA Test.Someday I am gonna fly.

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    Lets Go Flying » Blog Archive » A Pilot’s Story-A Documentary Capturing the Passion of Flight on Film

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