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….. but (sim)life continues….

I hope you have read my previous post, titled 'A Monumental Error', about the demise of the Flight Simulator development group at Microsoft aka ACES Studio. There you can read about the 'state of shock' most veteran flightsimmers are in. And as I already alluded to, many of those people are pilots in real life as well, and quite a number of them only started thinking about flying a real aircraft after having met aviation through their PC and MS Flight Simulator.

Perhaps it is good to follow my article with a view of the future.... albeit it my personal view.
Although all of the staff has been laid off and so there is essentially nobody left who can work on a next version of Flight Simulator (nor to work on Train Simulator 2 that was getting readied in the wings), that only has an impact on NEW versions of FS.
It does NOT impact existing versions and FSX is still available on the market, and according to Microsoft's latest bulletin, WILL REMAIN available for purchase.

You don't have to worry about support, because MS never did much in that area and the 2 'service packs' that saw the light for FSX were nothing short of a miracle already.
In essence support comes from the thousands of user communities in the world, and from the add-on developers and publishers out there.

And here is THE GOOD NEWS: all of those add-on companies - mine included - have indicated that as far as they are concerned there is NO CHANGE in plans and they will continue to build new products for the existing simulator(s). There is even a 'benefit' of not having to worry about yet a new version breathing down their necks this time, so there is more time to do research and come up with more in-depth programs even!

All this means that FS will live on for many years to come, and who knows, we even may get an entire new system in a few years. It also means that it's strength to help people get acquainted to aviation, get them to learn some of the basics of flying and even to partially train pilots will remain as strong as ever and more than likely will even be increased over the next two years.

However sad we are for our developer friends at Microsoft these days, and hoping they will find new jobs as soon as possible, there is always a good thing about every bad thing. Such is life.

MS Flight Simulator will live on on our PC's all over the world for many years to come!

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  1. Steve Tsuida Says:
    January 28th, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    Give X-Plane a looksee. It has an arguably superior flight engine, and it's available for all three platforms with an enormous community of add-on developers both freeware and payware.

  2. Yes, Steve, I know about X-Plane. It's in version 9 now and indeed has some good features too. For pure piloting it is a good tool, as well as some of the other programs in the field (like the free FlightGear for instance !).

    It is not the same as FSX though, not by a long shot. Austin now has a chance to catch up though, but he has his work cut out for him ;-)

  3. Bill Daniels Says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    I know you are a fan of the Microsoft flight Simulator but there are other excellent programs out there. X-Plane has really top flight dynamics so realistic NASA uses it.

    My favorite, since I'm the sailplane guy, is Condor Competition Soaring Simulator. condor, like X-Plane uses vector force summation to build the flight dynamics providing a nearly perfect simulation of flight.

    Since there are no realistic cockpits readily available, I use it with students as an "animated white board" to help them visualize real maneuvers.

    There are "Massive Multiplayer" on-line sailplane races for Condor.

  4. i recently just bought Proflightsimulator, i've been flying fsx for a few years now, and for the money i don't think i will ever go back. proflight sim is soo much better, there are soo many planes on that game , i know it's what everyone does, but the first thing i done was fly straight to my house, and it was actually recognisable unlinke any of sim i've played. definately worth taking a look!!

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