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Why You Should Learn to Fly

The real question is why shouldn’t you? Learning to Fly is one of the greatest things you can do. Everyone has a chance to be a pilot but few ever pursue the goal. There are however a few misconceptions about learning to fly that I’ll be shedding light on.
Here’s some notions you need to throw out the window…

I Can’t Learn to Fly It’s Too Expensive!

I’ll be honest with you flying can be expensive. But it by no means will break the bank like many people think! There are so many factors that go into play.

As many of you know I’m a full time flight instructor. I also own the aircraft that my students fly. So I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to have a student complete their rating.

My 2 most recent students both walked out the door with certificate in hand for around $4,200 dollars. Now that is a private pilot certificate. You could get a light sport certificate for even cheaper. Most flight schools will quote you well over 7k. Don’t fall for this. Shop around and be smart.

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I Can’t Learn to Fly Isn’t It Difficult?

Flying is just like anything else. It’s a learning process that you have to commit to. Just like your school days but I promise a lot more fun! As long as you stick to a plan and stay committed to the goal your flight training will be a breeze.

Below are a few resources that will really help when it comes to learning to fly

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