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What to Expect on Your Private Pilot Checkride

For some time now, you have been training under a CFI who has helped you every step of the way. From the preflight checklist up until the moment you set the wheels down and taxi to the hangar. Now, you of all people should understand that nothing lasts forever, including your student pilot status.

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The private pilot checkride is a mandatory exam that is given at the peak of one’s flying lessons after the student pilot has accumulated at least 40 hours of flight training. Passing the private pilot checkride will result into the much coveted private pilot certificate or the license to fly the skies on your own. Because of that, some student pilots are understandably stressed and anxious when their private pilot checkride is approaching. As if the hefty price tag of training and checkride isn't enough!

While the nerves are pretty normal for any student pilot, it is imperative that they are calm before the checkride. In order to do that, it is time to educate yourself about what one can expect during the test. Some misconceptions actually abound about the checkride, which add further unnecessary stress to the budding private pilot. Here's 2 things you CAN expect.

You WILL Brief The Examiner

As part of the examination, you will have to give a preflight briefing to your examiner as if he is a passenger. This is to demonstrate that you have a working knowledge on how to brief a passenger when you are flying on your own. This shows your commitment to safety, and being a safe pilot is important for any person aspiring to be a private pilot.

You WILL Perform Emergency Procedures

Which ones is entirely up to the examiner. Count on an abrupt engine failure along with many others. So make sure you brush up on your knowledge on these scenarios so you can react appropriately during the simulation. This would include how to initiate a simulated emergency as well. You should be able to address any given situation as well.

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