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Enjoying Aviation Away from the Airport

Every pilot would love to spend more time in the cockpit than in front of the computer monitor. Depending on where you live it can become very challenging to log a consistent number of hours during the winter. Here in Chicago we have had several weeks of freezing weather with high winds and snow that have made it difficult to add time to the logbook.

For student pilots or pilots working to stay proficient I highly recommend still blocking several hours a week for aviation even if you won't be able to get airborne. One recommendation is to spend sometime hangar flying, hanging out at the airport and talking aviation with fellow aviators and aviation enthusiasts.

I also wanted to share a few ways I enjoy aviation away from the airport. I enjoy taking advantage of the great resources provided by the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. If you have not taken any of their online courses, I highly recommend you check them out. They will get you thinking about important safety issues. Another great service from the Air Safety Foundations are their safety seminars. Use the AOPA website to find out when the next live seminar will be in your area.

One last suggestion is share your passion for aviation with other pilots. Visit the aviation section of to find a meeting of fellow aviation enthusiasts. I host a group in Chicago and we have had fun organizing fly-ins, tours of control towers and socials over dinner or lunch. If you are in the Chicago area please join us for our next meeting!

I hope to get airborne this weekend but you can be sure that if I am not I am atleast spending a few hours thinking about aviation. Safe flying!

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