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I Want to Learn to Fly! Where do I Start?

If I took a survey of most frequently asked question delivered to my inbox, this one ranks pretty high.
Learn to Fly
“I want to learn to fly! Where do I start?”

Some instructors would tell you “hop in the plane and lets go!” Which can be fine but there is more to flying then just getting in the plane!

Have you ever considered the ground instruction, self study, and financial attachments involved?

A great instructor will share with you the ins and outs of training to help you become the safest pilot and save the most money.

This is why I just released a free ebook just for this purpose. The Private Pilot Blueprint covers: How to find a flight school, how to keep your flight training on track, how to save money on your flight training. Along with preparing for your solo, checkride and perfecting your flight maneuvers. It’s a lot more than just jump in the airplane and go!

So I now have an answer to this question and it comes in a free 50 page report on how to become a pilot.

Remember, a good pilot is always learning!

4 Responses to “I Want to Learn to Fly! Where do I Start?”

  1. samir joshi Says:
    April 6th, 2010 at 3:45 am

    i am planning to enroll myself in helicopter training program, i am keen to know about various scholarship program for indian students in hawaii and their requirements.

  2. I agree that flight instructors sometimes only think about getting up in the air and building time before moving higher up in their career.

    If a Student Pilot can find an instructor who just wants to teach, it can be a wonderful benefit. Many of us who have completed our commercial flying career are now looking to share our knowledge and experience with up and coming pilots.

    I would advise a prospective student to research the process carefully, and to find an instructor whose whole focus is on the Student Pilot and not on building hours.


    John (JetAviator7)
    Entrepreneur and Internet Publisher

  3. Great blog you have i shall come back often as i plan to become a pilot and have my own website.


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