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“Patience is virtue”…and frustrating too!

Hey I'm back!

I haven't gotten a chance to blog in a while because I went three whole weeks without a lesson; I experienced serious withdrawal! Flying must be an addiction. But anyways, so I went up twice this week, Monday and Wednesday.

It was a a great week, I have about 35 hours now. We polished out traffic patterns and maneuvers such as steep turns, slow flight and power on/off turns. But I am so ready to solo, it seems like it is taking so long.

But it is okay, I am waiting as patiently as possible. I busy myself with the pre-solo paperwork and reviewing landings in my head, which happens to be the part that needs the most work. I don't flare enough; I get to a certain point and if the wheels haven't touched down then I just freeze for some reason. It's crazy stuff, but I'm diligently practicing over and over and over again. 

I'd rather solo safely, than rush it and blow it! So I will continue to work on it and hopefully the big day will be soon!


Happy Flying!

2 Responses to ““Patience is virtue”…and frustrating too!”

  1. Practicing in your head is good...... maybe practicing on a (simple) simulator could add too... ever tried Flight Simulator ? :-)

  2. Lauren, you have the right idea...don't rush. Are you looking down the runway? Even with 750 hours, I still forget and get distracted which messes up my flare. Ask your CFI to notice where you look, and move the yoke in small increments. Also, don't be worried about doing things with more authority. You are in charge after all!

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