Your connection with the sky

Allowing Your Dream to Take Flight

Everyone has dreamed of flying, and everyone deserves to attempt to fly. Thanks to modern aviation it is now possible for anyone to allow their dreams of flight to take form. With flight schools, the ordinary man can now learn to fly and touch the skies. However, you need to take the steps yourself to learn to fly and gain the gift of flight.

Find a School or Independent CFI?

In order to start your path towards becoming a pilot, you should find start finding a good school. There should be one or two that you can find in your area. Take time to look around, and use the Internet especially to your advantage. There is also a lot of information that you can find about Independent CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors) near you or your city if you just be patient enough to search through the Internet. When you find them, compile a list of their names and use as it as your reference for further research. The real question to ask yourself is: Do I want that private one on one instruction or is the flight school environment where I may fly with an array of instructors more for me? Look into prices for both. You may be very surprised.

Research Your Potential Instructors

The next step is to verify the certified flight instructors training backgrounds and their qualifications. Using the contact information that you have compiled from your Internet research, you can start contacting certified flight instructors. Don’t hesitate to ask them a lot of questions; as someone interested to learn to fly, you will be investing a lot of money onto the endeavor so you need to make sure that you are learning under the best instructor possible. If you can, try to "backseat" (sit in on) one of their instructional flights to see how he handles the task with his student pilots.

Meet All Requirements

Of course, before you can start flying as a student pilot, you need to get ready with your requirements. Medical requirements, age requirements etc. Now you can really start flying whenever but their are concrete numbers you must meet to learn to fly. You can learn more about the Private Pilot Requirements in my most recent video podcast How to Become a Pilot.

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