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3 Things to Bring on Your Private Pilot Checkride

Alright so now you have reached the minimum number of hours needed for you to achieve private pilot status. You've studied for hours and put in all the required effort. So, what comes next? That would be your private pilot checkride.
Private Pilot Checkride
Keep in mind that you have invested a lot of time and money into your private pilot training, and there should be only one return for you to reap: the private pilot certificate. With that certificate you can now pursue your dream of conquering the skies and enjoying the rare gift of flight.

In order to successfully pass your test, you need to be very prepared. You would need to bring a few things with you during the day of your private pilot checkride. Consider these as your tools or your life lines during the practical examination. With these tools at hand, you are well equipped and ready to take on whatever things that come up during your checkride.

Here are three important things to have at hand when you are about to embark on your private pilot checkride.

Your Books

When I say books I mean all of them! Any book related to flight training can help. Now i'm obviously bias towards my own book but anything will do. The reason behind this is they are your lifelines. If you don't know an answer simply ask if you can look it up! Most examiners are more than happy to let you have a few freebies.

Current Charts and Materials

Make sure your sectional, AFD (Airport Facility Directory) and FAR/AIM are all current. There is no faster way to bust a checkride then by using out of date charts.

Logbook and Paperwork

As a student pilot you should be carrying your logbook anyways. In addition to your logbook with all endorsements be sure to have your 8710 form or your IACRA Login information this will certainly help make your checkride a breeze!

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  1. Perhaps only second to confidence, bring humility!

  2. @W.W

    You've got that right! I little humility is perfect. My students are surprised with how much they actually learn on checkrides

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